Afro & Multi Textured Hair Masterclass – For Hair Stylists, Freelancers & Creatives

by Dominique
11th February 2020

Afro & Multi Textured Hair Masterclass – For Hair Stylists, Freelancers & Creatives – Monday, 16 March 2020, London

There are trends that come and go, and we’ve seen several trends over the 20 years we’ve been in the hairdressing industry working with Afro & Textured Hair and we can say without a doubt that Textured Hair, Curly Hair, Kinky Hair and clients embracing their Natural hair is here to stay. It’s a booming industry!! The question is are you educating yourself to embrace and benefit from this boom or are you one of those Stylists or Salons who are just happy doing the same old thing and not moving with the times and improving yourself. (It’s usually these types that moan about not being busy and not making enough money)

On this 1 day course working with Textured, Curly and Kinky Hair, we are putting all of our experience into giving you the confidence and skills you need to work with this hair type and increase your earnings.

Who Will Benefit From This Course/Masterclass?

  • Stylists who work with European hair types but want to increase their skills
  • Stylist who work with Textured and Curly hair who want to improve their knowledge, skills and earnings
  • Freelance Stylists who want to improve their skill and offer more services
  • Creatives who work within the Media/Film industry who want to be confident working with all hair types
  • Youtubers and Content Creators who want to increase their knowledge and expertise with Textured Hair

What Will You Learn?

  1. Understanding of the Curl Types using industry wide and accepted Curl Classifications
  2. How to carry out an effective Consultation on Textured/Natural/Curly Hair
  3. Understanding what Products and Tools to use
  4. Preparing the hair – detangling, shampoo and finishing techniques
  5. Styling options overview (Sectioning, Blowdrying and Smoothing, Twists and Braiding Techniques)
  6. Gain Confidence by working with Live Models (provided for you)
  7. Bonus Session – How to charge correctly for Textured/Natural/Curly Hair

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