Afro Styling & Haircare Classes by Untype

by Dominique
18th June 2023

Afro Styling & Haircare Classes by Untype. This Summer School event begins on 16 June and there is a selection of classes to choose from.

For too long, Black women have struggled with haircare due to

  • lack of know-how or the proper guidance
  • conflicting (mis)information
  • limited time or funds

The summer school aims to remove all of these barriers and provide fun and engaging classes to help people get to grips with Afro hair care.

We have created sessions based on our most frequently requested topics, such as styling, choosing products & building a regime, children’s haircare and hair growth. The classes will be taught with a mix of theory and practical. Webinars will be held on Wednesday evenings via Zoom, with a Q & A at the end of each meeting.

Look and learn and hands-on events are on Sundays at the salon. The practical aspect is split into smaller time blocks over the day. This is so you can attend one session to cover the basics or book an additional slot to really hone your skills.

You can get your tickets here.


Look & Learn

Wash n go

Twist Out

How to blow dry

Hands-on classes

Wash and go

Twist out

How to blow dry

Perfect partings

Style your own hair

Learn to braid – beginner, intermediate and advanced levels


Hair growth and length retention 101

Rate my routine – haircare made simple

Haircare for children

Hair loss 101 why it happens and how to prevent it

How to save your edges and get them back

The perfect wash day

Choosing the right products to make any style work

Are your hairstyles really protective

All about locs

Hair Popp does not organise this event. For more information on tickets or participating, please get in touch with the event organisers directly. For more UK Black hair events, check out the full list here.

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