Afrovisibility in feminism: A panel discussion by Project Embrace

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19th February 2020

AFROVISIBILITY in feminism: A panel discussion by Project Embrace – Monday, 2nd March 2020, London


A panel discussion and networking event by Facebook in partnership with Project Embrace.

Is femininity and feminism mutually exclusive for black women?

In popular culture black women have often been deemed too ugly, agressive, muscular or strong to be feminine but a 2007 survey of African American women found that they aren’t just more likely to identify as feminine, but also more likely to embrace feminism. Is the feminist movement excluding of black women in its drive to defy and fight against stereotypical ideals of what it means to be female or feminine.

Does present-day feminism recognise the intersectionality of discrimination for black women?

As part of International Women’s Day Project Embrace teamed up with Facebook to discuss how we can explore ideas of broadening the movement to ensure it is inclusive amd welcoming of every woman.

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