HAIR:ARCHY: Who makes the grade? Black Boys Hair Suspension [event]

by mediabeast
19th October 2019

Black Boys hair suspension in Birmingham at the Legacy Centre of Excellence. HAIR:ARCHY: Who makes the grade?


HAIR:ARCHY: Who makes the grade?


Legacy Center of Excellence (formally known as the Drum), Birmingham


Wednesday 30 October 2019


7:00pm to 9:30pm


Black Boys are three times more likely to have a school suspension due to numerous strategic social and economic factors. In the past 5 years, however, there has been a rise in the number of Black boys school suspensions due to the way they wear their hair.

HAIR:ARCHY: Who makes the grade?

Explores how school hair policies are discriminating against Black boys as young as 5 years old. Reporter Kush meets mother and son, Danica and Josiah Sharpe. They are currently battling against the school he attends. The school alleges that his “extreme” haircut, has caused him to face suspension from school.

With contributions from

  • Dr Kehinde Andrews, Dr of Sociology and founder of the first Black Studies BA course in the UK
  • Irene Aserie, a School teacher and Parent and boys from the local community.

HAIR:ARCHY is bound to ignite forward-thinking minds to effect change. Buy tickets here on Shoobs.

HAIR:ARCHY: Who makes the grade?

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