FrOtober does Black History Month Birmingham [event]

by mediabeast
20th October 2019

Come and celebrate FrOtober and Black History Month with Jim + Henry.


Jim + Henry FrOtober does Black History Month


Lightwoods House, Adkins Lane, Smethwick, B67 5DP


Sunday 27 October 2019


12.30pm ? 4.30pm???? Cost: Free? ? ? ?

Come and celebrate #FrOtober and Black History Month with Jim + Henry.

Natural hair newbies and those unsure about their curls are welcome: Jim + Henry have a hair health workshop as well as the following:

  • Talk about natural hair, Afro hair and curly hair – we will be learning, unpicking, dissecting and understanding more about our hair to encourage a real love for our beautiful hair.
  • Surprise discussion with secret stylist
  • Books for children from Ashley Hinds, author of My Uncle and Me.
  • Dolls for sale featuring curly and Afro hair.
  • Vegan cakes, soaps, products available.

About FrOtober

FrOtober is a 31-day campaign encouraging women to celebrate their natural hair for the month of October.

Tammy Facey, the CEO behind plant-based organic super brand Jim + Henry, wants women to glorify what they were born with and stop trying to tame their beautiful curls ? just for a month.

?It is really sinister how defined, looser curls are put on a platform compared to thicker, Afro hair which may not necessarily be as defined. It?s bizarre, outdated, and high time for change,? says Facey.

?Afro hair in its tightly textured magnificence is More Than Enough and worthy of high praise, yet natural styles are not even seen as socially acceptable in many contexts.?

The entrepreneur also appeared on Channel 5 on Tuesday (Oct 2), where she discussed afro hair discrimination and ways to combat it.

Speaking on the show, she said: ?Often when I go into a shop and my hair is big and dry and it doesn?t have any product in it, I?m often treated differently to when its defined and curly. But it?s not just me ? there are children who are discriminated against, adults ? it happens all the time.?

Facey also discussed how black women are always being politicised for their hairstyles. ?If you want to straighten your hair that?s your choice and that?s ok.?

If your interested in taking part in #FrOtober, post a photograph of yourself with natural hair using the hashtag #FrOtober.

More information about Jim + Henry FrOtober event visit the link.

To find out more about events on where hair popp are exhibiting or other UK hair events, look at our hair events page or follow us on Instagram.

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