Hair Care Revolution Product Matching Party!

by Admin
19th February 2020

Hair Care Revolution Product Matching Party! – Sunday, 23rd Febuary 2020

A new decade requires new innovation – At Hair Care Revolution we are looking not just into 2020 but beyond into the future…

Afro Hair Innovation? Join us for this exploratory occasion as we begin to define the future Afro textured hair care globally! In what promises the most ground breaking event within the Hair Care Industry in the last 20 years!

You will learn more about your hair and what it needs in 1 DAY than you have known your WHOLE LIFE

Whats in store?

We have gathered the best hair & health experts, celebrity hairstylists and cosmetic science professionals to share their expert advice with you.

You should attend – If you want to have an input on developing new and exciting innovations in the Afro hair and health industry


Click here, to find out more.

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