Hair Popp Hackathon 2023 Steamhouse Millennium Point Birmingham

by Dominique
26th June 2023

Are you passionate about hair care and interested in leveraging technology to enhance the user experience? Then this event is perfect for you! We’re gathering a diverse group of javascript developers, UX designers, and tech enthusiasts to come together and hack a revolutionary product recommendation API for Hair Popp, the leading online platform for Black-owned hair products.


Hackathons at Hair Popp give teams the opportunity to work on innovative and exciting areas that wouldn’t otherwise get prioritised, encouraging creativity and pushing boundaries to improve what we do.


Throughout the day, you will engage in a collaborative and energetic atmosphere, working in teams (front end, back end, UX) to develop a cutting-edge API and an innovative solution to finding the right hair care. The aim is to create a state-of-the-art recommendation engine that offers personalised suggestions to Hair Popp users based on their unique hair types, concerns, and preferences.


Hackathon Agenda

The Hair Popp Hackathon will kick off with an inspiring keynote speech from the Chief Hair Enthusiast and Founder, Dominique Lescott, who will share insights into the latest trends and challenges in the hair care industry. Following the keynote, you will be put into your teams and brainstorm ideas. Seasoned professionals will be available throughout the event to provide guidance, support, and mentorship.


Drinks and refreshments will be provided to keep your creativity flowing throughout the day.


At the end of the hackathon, each team will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions. Prizes will be awarded, including exclusive opportunities for collaboration with Hair Popp and other industry partners.


Whether you’re a seasoned javascript developer, a creative designer, or simply someone with a passion for technology and hair care, the Hair Popp Hackathon is an event you don’t want to miss! Attendees have a huge range of skills so you’ll have no problem finding someone to learn from. Let’s revolutionise the way people discover and choose the perfect hair products. 


What is a Hackathon?


If you’re new to Hackathons, take a look at this


Who: 18+ who have completed a boot camp, or have prior knowledge of coding, specifically javascript. Languages used Javascript and HTML. You will be put in teams prior to the event.

When: Saturday 22nd July 2023 

Where: Steamhouse Millennium Point

Limited spots are available, so secure your place by registering for a ticket. You will be put in teams prior to the event so please apply here by Saturday 15 July 2023 here. 

About Hair Popp 

Hair Popp is a digital beauty and lifestyle brand with a two-fold mission – to get quality natural hair care and lifestyle products into as many homes across the globe and to empower independent, black businesses. Hair Popp has been invited to places like Facebook headquarters, high street banks and some of the UK’s largest hair shows. 


About The Founder

Dominique is a female tech entrepreneur who has an emotional connection with the advancement of her community. She is passionate about using the latest technology and digital media to empower and uplift the black economy. As a millennial and a business owner, one of her biggest qualities is networking and connecting with people. 

Limited spots are available, so secure your place by registering for a ticket by Saturday 15 July 2023 here. 

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