Michelle De Leon Founder Of World Afro Day [Event]

by mediabeast
15th September 2019

My name is Michelle De Leon founder of World Afro Day, this is our third year, we?ve had two events this year. The Big Hair Assembly on Friday, live streaming to schools across the world and today we?ve got official World Afro Day, so happy World Afro Day.

I thinks the big hair assembly is really resonating with people about wanting to see changes in the school system. Just this week, we had a school sending letters home saying that children aren?t allowed to wear cornrows or canerows. And so that kind of actual bias is just not acceptable anymore.

So, I think We?re going to be doing more structural changes, talking to unions, talking to Ofsted, talking to Department of Education really trying to open that dialogue to say that changing our hair to fit into schools is not acceptable just because we have a different hair type.

To learn more about World Afro Day, click here.

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