Niyo Enterprise Black DistruptHER 2021 Birmingham

by Dominique
10th October 2021

Niyo Enterprise is returning with another summit in Birmingham called the Black DistruptHER 2021. Black History Month is an opportunity for us as a society to reflect on and celebrate the valuable contributions of people of African and Caribbean descent, taking note of our achievements and contributions to the social, political, economic, and cultural development of the UK. It is also an opportunity for us to highlight and platform the challenges we face as a community and focus on solutions to tackle them in sustainable ways.

Over here at Niyo Enterprise, our core mission is to economically empower Black women and provide effective solutions to the issues we face in the technology, hair & beauty, and creative industries.

These industries are full of exciting and rewarding opportunities! But can feel out of reach to us as Black women. We know there is a real skills gap between what you need to do your job and what you actually know and that you may feel like you don’t have the relevant skills required for the workforce of the future. In addition to this, as a Black woman, it can be hard to make professional connections in these industries – which is odd because Black women can be the best networkers! We seek to connect with those who will uplift us as well as those who can benefit from our insight and knowledge.

Our Vision at Niyo Enterprise is that one day, Black women will enjoy equitable access to the life-changing opportunities in these industries and will be fully equipped to take advantage of these opportunities. We want to play a role in making this vision a reality!

This is why in honour of UK Black History Month, Niyo Enterprise is proud to bring you another summit. If you attended our Beyond Hair Summit last year, we promise that this one will be even bigger and better!

Grab my ticket to Black DisruptHER summit: Upskill Expo

Black DisruptHER summit: Upskill expo promises to be a truly empowering day filled with workshops focusing on topics such as, how you can leverage your personal brand to supercharge your career. You will get access to unrivalled networking opportunities with industry leaders in tech, hair and beauty, and the creative industries, to help you build your professional network.

You will be inspired by interactive panel discussions on topics such as what it means to be Black, female, and successful. You will get first-hand insight into our various life-changing boot camps through showcases and panel discussions by our current and past students, and so much more. You definitely don’t want to miss this one so grab your ticket here.

Guest speakers include Mikayla Sinead and Siobhan Harper-Nunes. Mikayla will be joining the Young Black Female Achievers panel with a wealth of experience in supporting young and diverse talent to reach positions of influence and leadership. Siobhan Harper-Nunes will be delivering an energising workshop on How to Build a Confident Mindset to supercharge your career and step into your power.

This event is not organised by Hair Popp. For more information on tickets or participating, please contact the event organisers directly. Hair Popp is not be exhibiting but make sure to show our brand partners some love! 

The team are also hiring. Find out more here.

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