A Crown of Curls by Founder Princess Keisha Omilana [Event]

by mediabeast
29th September 2019

Watch our short interview with Princess Keisha Omilana

Hi my name is Princess Keisha Omilana and I?m CEO of A Crown of Curls and I am so excited and happy to be a part of World Afro Day.?


We were here in the Superdrug pink bus just doing some cornrows on some beautiful girls hair and telling the moms the importance of not only just knowing how to cornrow but how to maintain your hair once it has been braided.

Making sure you take care of your scalp when you have your hair braided and then most important of all, making sure you tie your hair down with that good old do-rag or a good satin bonnet to make sure that you can preserve that hairstyle. There?s nothing worse than sitting for hours or a long time getting your hair braided and then you go to bed and wake up and it?s a mess. So that?s what we?ve been doing and it?s been a fantastic day.


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