Past 2018 UK Hair Events & Reviews

by mediabeast
28th August 2018

Here is a list of past 2018 UK hair events for you to consider. Everything to make your hair popp! If we are missing any off the list, please get in touch on hello@hairpopp.com. For up and coming events, please visit this post here.?Every year, there is a lot fo trending UK hair events. The #BlackGirlMagic is spread, mainly across London. Therefore, here are?2018 UK Hair Related Events So You Never Miss Out!

Here are reviews of previous UK hair events:


We attended Naturally Crowned, hosted by Ivy Wild Hair, formerly Bonnie Lush Hair. Then the TreasureTress roadshow came to Aston University to find out?Can Birmingham Go Natural??In April Birmingham hosted the fifth annual?Return To Your Roots?health and wellbeing festival. Finally, before it closed a few of the team members attended?Calling All Curls?at?Google Digital Garage, Birmingham.


What’s My Hair Type? Derby?was a natural hair, wellbeing and fashion exhibition of workshops, a marketplace and children’s fashion show.


In London, we attended a panel discussion with black men and discussed?Is my natural mane attractive to you? Also, we attended the launch of the first?Afro Hair & Beauty Association?and the inaugural?Black Beauty and Fashion Awards (BBFA), London. Next in London is Happy Hair Box, CurlyTreats Festival and the first ever Shades of Beauty Live.

Have you attended any of the UK hair events listed? Leave us a review in the comments or a link to your review.

Past 2018 UK hair events

Hair-iD Salon Experience,UK hair events?London

Saturday 6 January 2018,?10 am to 5 pm

Hair-iD is an award-winning hair boutique that specialises in pure, unprocessed virgin hair extensions and installation
techniques.?Tickets and more information.

UK hair eventsMoor Hair, Product Swap Soiree,?London

Saturday 13 January 2018,?7 pm to 9 pm

The Moor Queens present a product swap soiree with two categories. New/Nearly New and Used (but with a sample or two left).?Tickets and more information.

UK hair eventsThe Shayaa School – Hairlocking & Natural Hair Workshop,?Nottingham

January 21 2018,1 pm to 4 pm

A workshop focusing on widening your knowledge on Natural Hair.?Whether you need to look after your own or to learn a new skill, The Shayaa School will have you braiding and starting locs like a pro! Learn how to manage all hair types (even 4c), braiding, twisting and maintaining locs.?Tickets and more information.

UK hair eventsBonnie Lush Hair presents: NATURALLY CROWNED, Birmingham

Saturday 3 February 2018,?12:45 pm to 4 pm

Naturally crowned is a natural hair workshop designed for phenomenal women who want to learn more about their natural hair, connect with other women and most importantly return to self love.?Tickets and more information.

Read:?Self-Care Is Self-Love Naturally Crowned ? Birmingham Sisterhood Exists

UK hair events TreasureTress

Treasure Tress presents: Can Birmingham Go Natural? Birmingham

Saturday 9 February 2018, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

The event will consist of interactive workshops, discussions, FREEBIES and more sponsored by Gro Healthy.?Tickets and more information.

Read:?Can Birmingham Go Natural? YES We Can

Afrocenchix,?Is Natural Hair Attractive??London
UK hair events Afrocenchix

Tuesday 13 February 2018, 6pm

There’s been much talk about afro hair not fitting into mainstream beauty ideals, of some textures being favoured above others and of men not finding women with natural hair attractive. But how much of this is true? Tickets and more information.?

Daddy Daughter Hair Workshop LondonDaddy Daughter Hair Workshop, London

Friday 27 July 2018, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The Happy Hair Box Co. Daddy Daughter Hair Workshop is for dads that want to learn how to style and care for their daughter’s hair. Who will be the top daddy stylist in the battle of the dad?s competition??For tickets and more information.

2018 UK Hair Related Events2018 CurlyTreats Natural Hair Festival, London

Saturday 28 July 2018,?11 am to 7:00 pm

CurlyTreats Festival London 2018 is the ultimate one-day event focused on all things natural hair, beauty and wellness. Known as the UK?s leading event of its kind, we offer a safe space for you to unapologetically celebrate self.?For tickets and more information.

Read the review of the event where a panel of black men discussed: Is my natural mane attractive to you?

Hair Care Revolution presents the launch of the Afro Hair & Beauty Association, London

Thursday 15 February 2018UK hair events Afro Hair & Beauty Association

The AHBA provides a platform for the best independent afro hair and beauty brands to gain expert advice, share useful knowledge and receive essential support that will prepare independent brands to compete nationally and internationally. For more information on Eventbrite.

Read?the reviews of Afro Hair & Beauty Launch

UK hair events Black Beauty and Fashion AwardsBlack Beauty and Fashion Awards, London

Friday 23 February 2018,?5 pm to 11:30 pm

The UK’s First Industry Awards for Black Beauty products!?Tickets and more information

Read: Black Beauty and Fashion Awards (BBFA)

UK hair eventsNatural Hair Afro Workshop, London

Saturday 7 April 2018

NaturalBarnet one-day workshop is JUST what you need! Our interactive session is designed to support and educate those of black and mixed-race ethnicities; looking to understand the best methods, tools and products for effective hair care. For tickets and more information.

Daddy Hair Hero,
LondonSun 8 April 2018, 15:00 ? 17:30

Fathers contacted Project Embrace wanting to know how to make haircare less of a tear-filled event. What better way to build or strengthen the bond than to have daddy style his princess?s hair. Tickets and information.

UK hair eventsDon’t Touch My Hair, Manchester

Sunday 15 April 2018

An afternoon of education, self/collective empowerment, resource-sharing and support. A chance to network, socialise and view the amazing African artwork in the gallery. Make this event actively work for you. Tickets and information.

UK hair eventsIntroduction to KoutureLocs course, London

18 April – 23 May 2018?

Learn techniques in cultivating locs, loc techniques, loc maintenance and styling locs. For more information, contact Paulette Watson on?kouturelocs@gmail.com

UK hair events What's My Hair Type? Derby

What?s My Hair Type??Derby

Sunday 29 April 2018

Here to bring together the Afro Caribbean community of Derby to learn and discuss our natural beauty and hair types. Tickets and information.

For a review of the event read here.

UK hair events

Saturday 5 May 2018

At our ASIAM Naturally event, you will get the chance to find out how to enhance your natural beauty with understandable hair care regimens based on using completely natural products.

?Tickets and more information.?

2018 UK Hair Related Events?Return To Your Roots Festival 2018, Birmingham

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May 2018

Khemb?s presents this a two day cultural festival for those loving all things natural. A weekend of celebration, embracing?Natural Hair, Beauty, Health & Wellness.?Tickets and more information

Detangled Hair Let’s Talk About Health & Haircare, London

Sunday 6 May 2018

Having great hair care products is a great way to look after your hair, however there are other things to take into account when aiming to achieve healthy hair: Diet, physical exercise, mental health and being better educated about your hair type and scalp can all play a part in healthy hair care. Tickets and information.

2018 UK Hair Related Events
Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2018, London

?Sunday 28 May and Monday 29 May 2018

Now in its 37th year, it continues to be the hub for debuting the latest trends in hair (of every texture and style), beauty and fashion. Last year?s show had over 100 exhibitors and welcomed more than 7,000 visitors during the Bank holiday. Tickets and information.

Calling All Curls


Saturday 9 June 2019, 12-3pm

  • Come together with the curl community to celebrate all things curls!
  • Feel empowered to embrace your natural hair, share tips & get to grips with haircare how-tos.
  • Be inspired by our fantastic panel, from instagrammers to industry individuals, as they share on their natural hair journeys.
  • This free event (yes, free!) includes refreshments so you can connect with other curlies over cupcakes & pizza.
  • From beachy waves to incredible coils, whether a curl enthusiast or new to natural hair – this is an event for you!

Sign up here.

Two of our team members attended Call All Curls Google Digital Garage Birmingham [Event Review]. You can watch a video clip of the event here.

UK hair related events

UK hair events are a great way to learn about your hair, meet like-minded women and access great new products. If you are a blogger or vlogger who will be attending any of these events, then get in touch. For more up and coming events, visit this blog post: 2018 Hair Related Events.

If you are aware of any more UK hair events or want to advertise your event, leave details in the comments box below or email hello@hairpopp.com.

Leave a comment below and let us know what UK hair events you have been to.

If you are building a career in the UK hair and beauty industry, we recommend Tony Wade’s book. Even if you are entering the world of entrepreneurship this is a good read for tips in business and how to avoid mistakes.

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