A Crown Of Curls By Keisha Omilana

by mediabeast
29th September 2019

Princess Keisha Omilana hails from Inglewood California and currently resides in London UK where she launched A Crown of Curls.

So I created A Crown Of Curls two years ago in 2017. And we started with helping moms that have mixed-race children, know how to maintain, take care of and to properly detangle, without tears, hair.

So, we started that way and then we branched into creating Pamper & Play workshops where we help all moms with all hair types. Not just moms actually, parents in general that have girls or boys with curly big hair to come to our workshops. Wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair.

The Pamper & Play workshops are for all children. It runs every Sunday in Hampstead from 11am to 1pm and we basically pamper them. We do their nails, we do their hair, we talk about the importance of self-love, equaling hair love. instilling confidence, then at the end of the workshop, all of the kids get to have a bit of light make up and I make them work the runway. And the best runway walker or the child that eludes the most confidence, it’s a nice surprise when they go home.
Self-love, equaling hair love.

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