Knots UK African Head Wraps [Interview]

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1st April 2020

We interviewed Sandra, founder of Knots UK African Head Wraps. Since being in quarantine, have you been wearing head wraps for your video calls whilst working from home? Check out our shop for products and accessories to keep your hair poppin’ during Covid-19 quarantine. Stay home. Stay safe.

I have always worn a headwrap ever since I was a child. I am Haitian so it's part of our culture. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother always wore one so it was perfectly natural for me. I used to think they look so regal and bold and always stood out - I wanted to feel that way too.
I wear my headwrap because it makes me feel confident and strong. Like I'm ready to tackle the world! I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend and all things in between but mostly I am a woman.
Our headwraps are sourced all around the world. We are inspired by women and so only buy from women. Women also cut and sew our headwraps right here in London. They come in a range of different fabrics and colours and can be tied in various styles. They look great and are so easy to put on. Perfect for a beginner, as well as the advanced head wrapper, each headwrap comes with a 'How to knots' easy-to-follow instructions.
We want you to stand tall, feel empowered and divine when wearing one of our head wraps, like a Queen with a Crown.

Knots UK African head wraps are London. Specialising in head wraps and accessories. Knots UK head wraps come in a range of different fabrics and colours.

As we have a desire to buy from independent businesses. Personally, we feel that there is a need to support and promote them.

There are many advantages of buying from independent businesses. You can build a relationship with business owners who are passionate about their products. It is an inspiration to here the testimonies of why businesses start their brand, especially when people turn something they love doing into something that earns them an income.

DO something you LOVE and you’ll never work a day in your LIFE

For example, the company Knots specialises in selling beautifully printed head wraps. Each headwrap comes with instructions on how to tie the trendy scarves in different styles. If you visit their website they have several tutorials. Knots sell attractive materials in every shade for all different seasons and styles.

The company founder is so passionate about the confidence wearing head wraps fills her with and enjoys learning about the history of women who wore them.

Headwraps were historically worn as a way of non-verbal communication about a woman’s status in life. A headwrap would tell a story if she was a widow, a grandmother, or a married woman for instance.

This small, friendly, family business empowers others to feel confident wearing headwraps. As a Haitian woman, the founder of Knots comes from three generations where women in her family wore them, where it was the norm. She describes wearing headwraps as making her feel confident and strong and I understand the feeling. When I wear mine to work I get compliments from all colleagues. As I used to have kinky, fire-red hair, my colleagues are used to my non-conventional expression of style in the workplace.

However, my mature black colleagues express how happy they are that I am confident enough to wear head wraps in the office.

Also, I had the pleasure of featuring in the Knots winter photoshoot and had a lot of fun taking pictures in a laundrette and on some of London’s bridges, showing off the trendy headwear and being a part of their journey. So, what do you think of Knots UK African head wraps?


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