Afro hair and beauty retailers – who can you trust – Hair Popp!

by mediabeast
1st January 1970

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If you are new to Afro hair and beauty brands, and don’t have much knowledge on the subject, This page is a great place to start!!! it covers over 19 excellent brands and discusses their journey within the hair and beauty industry and what they stand for.

Without further ado here they are:

#1: AfroDeity







AfroDiety is an online store that offers natural Caribbean inspired hair skin products. The long line goal of the company is to help small farmers in the Caribbean to rejuvenate the massive decline in the agricultural industry. The Caribbean has a massive reliance of “importing foodstuff” which AfroDiety wants to cut out and instead improve the opportunities for local agriculture.


AfroDiety founders were a small family business consisting of a mother and daughter team. Alicia and her mother Joliette founded the company based upon their knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters that were passed down through their heritage. Alicia also had a strong interest in science which she combined with beauty. At this point they felt like they had a commitment to the rural Caribbean and before you know it AfroDiety was born.



#2: All Shades Covered



This brand was inspired by the females who feel like they were under-served by the high street in a struggle to find quality products and efficient customer service. At All Shades Covered (ASC) they believe that every woman deserves a positive buying experience when it comes to beauty.




Tommy Williams the ceo and co-founder at All Shades Covered started the company when his sister had made comments about how much money she had spent on haircare

Types of products:

On the website you will find an extensive range of hair care options that include shampoos, conditioners, oils and hydrators, as well as styling and treatment products designed for Afro-Caribbean hair.


#3: Antidote Street



Antidote street’s mission statement is “To make ‘hair’ simple and easy”. The company believes that women with curly, kinky, afro or multi-textured hair have all experienced? some sort of dodgy hair related scenarios whether it’s expensive or straight up looks ridiculous. Antidote street believes that is has this remedy and that all hair textures are unique. So they curate the best products created by passionate and knowledgeable makers.


Winnie Awa the co-founder of Antidote street did an exclusive interview with afronoire.com.

In the interview she says that she was frustrated by the “faff” associated with finding high quality hair care products formulated specifically for afro and multi-textured hair so she launched Antidotestreet.com in 2014 with the help of her co-founders.


#4: At Bar London











#7: Byooti





Byooti aims to provide a holistic range of Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty cosmetics. How ever the long term goal of Byooti is to help provide and support the education of African-Caribbean children. This is why when you buy selected products from their store Byooti donates towards the supplementary education of an African-Caribbean child.



Byooti was co-founded by two sisters, Naomi Sion and Chinyere Simon.











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