Akoma Skincare – Hair Popp First Men’s Grooming Brand [new vendor]

by Dominique
10th February 2020

We super excited to launch our first men’s grooming range Akoma Skincare to the Hair Popp community.

About Akoma Skincare

Akoma was founded in 2002 with the goal to provide a global supply chain from Ghana, West Africa, to the rest of the world. The focus was and still is, operating to Fairtrade and Organic Standards ensuring that all our products and ingredients are sustainably sourced.

The Founder Angus Klufio

Angus Klufio the founder of The Akoma Group, has spent the past 17 years promoting sustainable agriculture and ethical trade practices in West Africa. One of his first tasks was to unify and organise marginalised farmers. This is to help them develop commercial opportunities for their products and to create a sustainable supply chain.

Akoma’s raw shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and black soap products are produced in cooperatives in Ghana. They use traditional methods that are environmentally safe, producing 100% organic products. Their raw shea butter and black soap are certified Fairtrade.

Akoma’s mission is to

help change a million lives for the better whether this is through education and its products.

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Akoma Shaving Soap Bergamot Black Mens Grooming Hair Popp UK black hair shop
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Akoma Shaving Soap Bergamot

Akoma Ylang Ylang Shaving Soap Black Mens Grooming Shaving Soap Hair Popp UK black hair shop shea_butter_ylang_ylang_and_laander
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Akoma Ylan Ylang Shaving Soap

Akoma Tea Tree Shaving Soap Black Mens Grooming Shaving Soap Hair Popp UK black hair shop_kokum_butter_tea_tree_and_juniper
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Akoma Tea Tree Shaving Soap

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