Aveda Hair Salon Customer Review on 4a Hair [Salon Review]

by mediabeast
29th September 2017

1. I didn’t choose to have my hair straightened it was part of the ‘treatment’. I went for an Aveda treatment as a friend regularly has them and said how great it was and that it was different from the usual treatments that are offered in Black salons. So I gave it a try.

2.my friend booked our appointments. Beverly who did the treatment was lovely.

3. She inspected My scalp and hair and then gave her opinion.

She then shampooed with Aveda dry remedy and conditioner was the same.

She then put a dry remedy mask and I sat under a modern looking dryer for 25mins.

She then trimmed my hair and a blow was included. This made my hair straight. She then used the GHD hair straightner.

4. Stayed straight less than a week but that’s because I exercise a lot and the sweat had an effect on it.

5. The price ?55

6. I think I have 4a hair type.

I have natural afro hair which is very fine, I also don’t have a lot of hair

7. I pre poo with oils, then use Mane choice shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

8. I was happy with the end result as my hair looked healthy

9. I wouldn’t recommend Aveda as I don’t feel they did anything special. What I got I could get at any good salon.

Yes, she said a blow dry was included and asked if I wanted it blowed dryed. She then explained that it would be very straight and I shouldn’t put heat on my hair often as heat can cause damage.

I feel that any good hair salon or any good hairdresser could do what Aveda did. Any hairdresser can wash my hair and then sit me under a dryer. And any good hairdresser can trim my hair a blow dry it straight. There’s no need to go back to Aveda and pay ?55. My cousin owns a hair salon. She would do the exact same thing but for cheaper, so why go back to Aveda. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend them. They aren’t doing anything different to any other salon. Plus, I don’t live in London anymore and wouldn’t want to travel all the way for a treatment. I’d rather stay local.

The service was good.

The hairdresser was friendly, she did explain the process and offered me a drink twice and started on time.

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