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by mediabeast
1st January 1970

Welcome to Shemo’re

The vision:

Shemo’re a natural herb and oils brand for afro hair and beauty. With our knowledge and understanding, we can help you to maintain healthy hair and skin too.

The mission:

I completely understand how frustrating it is to find hair care and beauty products that contain natural ingredients. This is why the Shemo’re range of hair and beauty products was born. Shemo’re is a natural herb and oils brand for afro hair and beauty. With our knowledge and understanding, we can help you to maintain healthy hair and skin too.

Nubian royalty

The Shemo’re brand represents the history of black men and women. The word ‘Shem’ is the genealogy and lineage of the nation the 12 tribes of royal people from Israel. They represent unity, togetherness and Nubian royalty. Therefore, Shemo’re is designed with you in mind. With our afro hair and beauty products and knowledge of natural ingredients, Shemo’re will bring you back to your roots, with its use of herbs and oils from natural resources.

All that we need for health and hair has been provided by the most high in nature


My name is Terron Derby. I’m a Birmingham born girl boss behind Shemo’re who is proud of her Jamaican roots.

Back in 2010, I had an adverse reaction to a very harmful hair relaxer, also known as ‘creamy crack2 that led me to hospitalisation. This, coupled with suffering from hormone imbalance issues, guided me to make a conscious decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing.

Starting with in-depth research, I began to understand the impact that the chemicals and processed foods were having on my body and also my hair. Although the transition from relaxed hair, back to my natural curls took some getting used to. I love the versatility of my natural hair.

As well as natural hair oils, juicing became a significant part of my routine. I added more raw and alkaline foods to my diet. My affirmation is if I can’t eat it, I don’t use it. I am fascinated with herbs and the benefits that they provide for optimum health and hair. Starting by making herbal rinses, Shemo’re has a range of 100% natural oil blend to strengthen the hair follicles. Our products and services will enrich the health and healing of the hair and skin of men and women of colour who often struggle with maintaining the complexity of their natural afro, kinky, curly and wavy hair.

“Our crown is a reflection of our true self lets learn to love and nurture it naturally”

Furthering my knowledge, in 2011, I learned how to make natural shampoo and organic skincare products. Gaining an in-depth understanding of the raw materials used allowed me to create a range of Shemo’re products for the skin as well as afro hair.

As a certified Health and Science to Nutrition, through Shemo’re, I educate people on how to make informed lifestyle changes, by understanding the nutrients in herbs, to support their wellbeing.

The beauty in Shemo’re products, is that they are handcrafted, natural herbal hair and skin care products. All products are carefully created to enhance and restore the natural nutrition and moisture for your hair and skin. Our products are all chemical-free. They contain no parabens, harsh sulphates, paraffin or artificial perfumes.

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