Birmingham based Niyo Hair and Beauty joins the Hair Popp family

by Dominique
2nd June 2021

Welcome to the family Niyo Hair and Beauty 🤩.

Black girls have been spending money and receiving mediocre service for too long! It’s time to build an ecosystem where black women are not just spending money to look beautiful. Also, to be apart of the economy of building that and producing that.


That is why Niyo Hair and Beauty exists. Niyo Hair and Beauty is a technologically powered ecosystem that exists to be the one stop shop for all afro hair and beauty needs globally.


From the age of 14, Oyin has been serving over 400 clients across the Midlands and beautifying various women through offering mobile services. As she worked with various clients and had multiple conversations, she realised that black women wanted more than just a nice hairstyled that slayed.


With an incredible team, Oyin is growing Niyo Hair and Beauty to be an ecosystem where quality and convenient hair styling and great service is the standard. Where afro hair and beauty stylists are economically empowered, accredited and trained to be unstoppable businesswomen.


In taking the stress off customers, the whole process of beautifying yourself is a pleasurable and fun one and Niyo does all the leg work.


Be inspired by the Niyo experience:

Slay – Get your hair done at the comfort of your home by expert mobile afro hair stylists in your own time. Don’t worry about buying the wrong hai, they have you covered.

Play – Learn how to cornrow and braid in the comfort of your own home.

Care – Buy much-needed hair accessories and equipment to ensure your tresses are cared for.


If you are a hair stylist or just want to protect your hair at home, check out all of the tools you need to make your hair stay poppin’!

Care for your hair at home

+ Quick View
£ 35.00

Niyo Microfibre Towel

+ Quick View
£ 6.60

Niyo Spray bottle

+ Quick View
£ 54.00

Niyo Cordless Hair Straightener

+ Quick View
£ 12.00

Niyo Comb Set

+ Quick View
£ 12.00

Niyo Comb Set

+ Quick View
£ 7.20

Niyo Argan Oil Comb

+ Quick View
£ 5.99

Niyo Scalp Brush

+ Quick View
£ 7.50

Niyo Detangling Brush

+ Quick View
£ 7.00

Niyo Croc Clips

+ Quick View
£ 8.50

Niyo Needle & Thread

+ Quick View
£ 4.99

Niyo Scissors

+ Quick View
£ 13.25

Niyo Salon Tool Bag for Waist

+ Quick View
£ 12.60

Niyo Salon Mirror

+ Quick View
£ 31.20

Niyo Hair Extension Stand

+ Quick View
£ 3.60£ 5.40

Niyo Prestretched Hair - Niyo Hair & Beauty

+ Quick View
£ 6.00£ 11.40

Niyo Nu Locs - Niyo Hair & Beauty

+ Quick View
£ 21.60

Niyo Sterilizing Jar

+ Quick View
£ 250.00

Niyo Standard Hairstylist kit

Niyo Hair & Beauty
+ Quick View
£ 390.00

Premium Hairstylist kit

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