Black Pound Day – Saturday 27 June 2020

by Dominique
25th June 2020

I hope you’re enjoying the luscious weather ☀️ I wanted to tell you about Black Pound Day. The past few weeks have been filled with information around race relations and ways we can support. Today’s newsletter is a recap of what we’ve been up to and an event I’m excited to participate in. Read on…

I became increasingly conscious about where I was spending my money and how people from my community are being treated after the brutal murder of Alton Sterling in 2016. In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, we offered you a yoga class to release some of the tension, hosted on our Instagram by Natalia from Chai Soul and it was so refreshing. You can watch the replay here. I hope you enjoyed the Instagram class as much as I did. We also had an Instagram live tutorial with Rose, the founder of Flora and Curl showing us how to use the deep conditioning kit. If you missed it, you can watch the replay here.

Since the travesty that has been happening within our community, I’ve been thinking about solutions. I always like to take a strategic approach which is probably where my degree in Social Policy and my previous career in local government plays a big role in how I operate. So when Solid Solid member Swiss launched Black Pound Day I was instantly all over it, as well as groups such as Black Owned Economy on Facebook which has opened up a bigger window of community spirit that already exists.

What is Black Pound Day?

Swiss who is leading on the campaign has described it as a ‘movement, not a moment’.

A brand new campaign launching tomorrow, Saturday 27 June, celebrating black-owned businesses. Black Pound Day, is set to be a monthly event encouraging people to buy products and services with UK black-owned businesses.

As a reminder, all of our brand partners are black. The marketplace exists as a discovery platform for new and emerging quality brands and this is helping to contribute to building a black economic structure where we can help black business owners and create jobs for the black community. If you know a brand that should be on Hair Popp, tell them to get in touch with us. There are loads of quality black-owned products and services from hair, beauty, financial services and more.

Should we discount?

Now that you know what Black Pound Day is, do you think we should be offering a discount tomorrow? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter.

Hair Popp x Jamii for Black Pound Day event

The UK black-owned business discovery platform Jamii is hosting a Black Pound Day event tomorrow. I’ll be speaking from 11-11:15 am discussing black spending power, black businesses in the black hair industry and pricing. It’s going to be juicy, so make sure you register for your ticket. Tickets are free but you just need to register for the event details on Zoom.


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