Bourn Beautiful Naturals child-friendly natural hair products based on real needs

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1st January 1970

We want to expose the naked truth. Did you know, some well-known products sold on the high street, for black hair isn’t tested on afro and curly hair?

Products are tested on European which is curly permed. It seems strange that products for natural afro and curly hair are tested on chemically curled hair, right?

We want your hair to pop! This means having the best. Here’s a brand that has a collection of handmade natural hair products AND they’re suitable for your kids. So if you’re looking for a handmade, child-friendly natural hair range for your little ones, based on real needs and tested on real people? Look no further. Bonus – we offering free delivery over £20.

So, we’d like to introduce Kadian Pow, the founder behind Bourn Beautiful Naturals. This vegan and vegetarian natural hair care brand is based on real needs and tested on real people.


About Kadian, founder of Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Born in Jamaica, moved to DC and then moved to the UK. Kadian has many roles, including university lecturer and creator of Bourn Beautiful Naturals.

Kadian had dry, easily tangled, curly-coily hair. Addressing these conditions partly what motivated Kadian to start researching and formulating hand-crafted products. In Kadian’s words,

I wanted results, not marketing promises on a label.
For two years I experimented and tested formulas on myself, friends and family. Soon a few of them began to request specific items. Then, people wanted to pay for them.

Issa vibe

Kadian music vibe is smooth contemporary R&B that’s tinged with black eccentricities. “I like a dope beat and a chill vibe in a song. Music such as SZA, Janelle Monae and Solange”.

About Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Because of the boys, this is why the Hair Too Balm exists

Kadian’s friend wanted a product for her young boys that was like hair grease.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals describes the Hair Too Balm product as ‘not your mothers’ grease’. It contains lush ingredients like coconut, shea, hempseed and avocado oils and butter. It’s light in texture and easy to apply and minus the harsh nasties (mineral oil, sulphates and parabens).

I wanted results, not marketing promises on a label.

This UK black-owned hair care company is named after the Bourn brook in the West Midlands, UK. Bourn Beautiful Naturals is all about maintaining our tresses optimal moisture balance in formulas that are both effective and feel luxurious. They achieve this mainly through vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Kadian says,

Everything I sell, I use. I put my love into each product I make and package. Cooking up these recipes is nourishment for my soul and makes me feel like I'm contributing something good to the world

Kadian then launched at Khembe’s Return to Your Roots market in 2017, which was Kadian’s first public event.

4b hair customer review of Hair Too Balm

Davinia, fintech start-up CEO says,

This product works brilliantly on my 4b hair texture. It has wonderful emollient properties without making my hair feel too oily and has a lovely whipped consistency which makes it a pleasure to apply. I have since re-ordered and will continue to do so!

Remember there’s FREE SHIPPING on all Bourn Beautiful Naturals products over £20 you can shop here.

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