Bourn Beautiful Naturals founder Kadian discusses the history of Afro hair [podcast]

by Dominique
7th October 2021

You know we love to share the love and our brand partner, Bourn Beautiful Naturals founder Kadian discusses the history of Afro hair in the Coiled podcast.

‘How did our African ancestors look after their hair? I’m sure they didn’t use 5 products!’ Black hair is a lens that we can use to discuss culture, race, identity and history, and in this first episode of Coiled, join host Leanne Alie as she starts her transitioning journey from chemically straightened back to natural and explores the evolution of attitudes towards Black hair throughout history.

To start this journey she speaks to Dr Kadian Pow to explore the history of Afro hair, how attitudes to Black hair changed with colonialism and how these attitudes still present themselves in our society today. She also speaks to world-renowned, award-winning hairdresser Derrek Clements who talks about the changing trends and attitudes towards Black hair from the 1970s to the present day, as well as speaking to her childhood friends to discuss how their school experiences influenced their attitudes towards their hair today.

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If you do anything after listening to this podcast, make sure you share this with a younger, sister, brother, cousin or friend so that we can empower the next generation to fully embrace their natural Black hair because all hair is good hair.

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Hosted and Produced by Leanne Alie Twitter: @leannealie Instagram: @leannealie_

Assistant Produced by Sylvie Carlos Twitter: @sylvie_frizzy Instagram: @frizzandgo

The theme music and closing music was composed by Ony Iroha

All other music was sourced from Uppbeat.io

Text is taken from Spotify on 3 October 2021. What do you think about the history of Afro hair? Let us know in the comments.

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The history of Afro hair

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