Creative Alia – Joins Hair Popp [New Vendor]

by Dominique
5th August 2020

Alia Varzea from Manchester started working on Creative Alia started in 2014. As a black woman with coarse kinks and dry skin, Alia founder found it hard to find clean products for her hair and skin needs in the market. So she started making her own and educated herself in formulation techniques and ingredients performance.

In 2015, she graduated in Biomedical Science, whilst married with a child. Creative Alia was a personal blog that later turned into a business. After many requests from family, friends and the online community, Alia decided to start selling her recipes.

In February 2020 Creative Alia was rebranded. They gave the brand a fresher look to embody their allegiance with eco-friendly sustainable products. Products and accessories are vegan and cruelty-free. Passionate about health and beauty, the natural way, Creative Alia believe in the power of raw and handmade natural hair and body products that empower curly, coily and kinky haired ladies and gents all over the world. Therefore, making the world a happier and healthier place.

The satin-lined bonnets are double-sided and are elasticated so you can adjust the size.

To find out more, watch our Instagram live chat with the founder.

Updated August 2020.

Creative Alia

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GRATIUM Official Join Hair Popp [New Vendor].

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