Dealing with curly hair during lockdown: hair tutorial [BBC feature]

by Admin
7th May 2020

Hey readers, we hope you are safe and well, so we wanted to share tips for curly hair during lockdown that was featured on the BBC Online on Monday 4 May 2020.

Kezia from Birmingham is struggling to find the products she needs for her hair during lockdown.

High street hair shops, where she would usually get advice and products to keep her moisturised, are currently closed.

She asked for some tips from Dominique, who has been running online hair tutorials during the coronavirus crisis.

Watch the video here.

Five tips for curly hair during lockdown

1. Keep your hair moisturised – use a hair mist.
2. Trim your ends.
3. Use the LOC method – liquid, oil and cream to keep moisturised locked into your hair
4. Wrap your hair at night e.g. using the pineapple method of piling your hair on top of your head, preserves your curls.
5. Use quality hair products (of course you can check out our selection here).

During quarantine, we’ve been answering your haircare questions and we’ve continued to host tutorials and send your hair care products directly to you so that you don’t have to leave the safety of your home.

Thank you to video journalist Simone Stewart for sharing this lockdown hair tutorial.

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Products for curly hair during lockdown

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