CurlyTreats Festival Awards Birmingham Hair Care Brand NYLAH [Event]

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2nd August 2018

Birmingham plant-based haircare brand Nylah Naturals wins multiple awards including CurlyTreats Festival Excellence Award. Twice in one week, the natural hair care brand Nylah added two more achievements to what was the great start to 2018, that her beautiful daughter would be proud of.

CurlyTreats Festival is the ultimate one-day festival celebrating all things natural hair, beauty and wellness. The sold-out festival was on Saturday 28 July at the ILEC in Fulham, London.

Director, Shirvina Best hosted CurlyTreats Excellence Awards in the main room. As well as being the founder of the largest festival of its kind, celebrating natural hair in London, Shirvina is also the winner of the Influencer of the Year at the Black Beauty Fashion Awards (BBFA).

CurlyTreats Festival Best New Hair Care Product

Birmingham based natural hair care brand Nylah has been slaying in the natural hair care industry this year.

Kam Davis, the founder of the natural hair care brand Nylah, takes another award back to Birmingham at the CurlyTreats Festival, winning the Excellence Award for Best New Hair Care Product category.

The brand is named after her daughter, and her “wonderfully kinky, afro hair that delights me”, says the female boss. It is a family brand that is recognised for celebrating heritage, hair and science. The new hair care products have the kinks and curls of many, Poppin in the UK and America.

Kam wants to thank customers such as Saabirah Lawrence, Missy Bee London and Ebony Natural Curls for the constant support.

Shirvina Best and the CurlyTreats team, congratulate the other winners and nominees. Their hard work in providing beauty and grooming brands does not go unnoticed.

Nylah Wins Happy Hair Brand at Precious Lifestyle Award

In addition to winning Best New Hair Care Product, earlier that week, the natural hair care brand won an award that celebrates women of colour. Google’s Headquarters was the venue for the inaugural Precious Lifestyle Awards in London. Here, Nylah Naturals takes home an award in the Happy Hair Brand category.

Founder of Nylah Naturals said:

"Women of colour are some of the most creative individuals in the world yet so often their stories, brands and products are overlooked."

Winners Announced at Precious Lifestyle Awards 2018

Dragon’s Den Excellence Award Afro Hair Beauty Association

At the beginning of 2018, Kam pitched the Nylah natural hair range alongside four other independent brands at the Afro Hair and Beauty Association (AHBA) launch. The five brands were given the opportunity to pitch their products to a Dragon’s Den style panel competition in front of afro hair and beauty pioneers. Winning the Black Excellence Award was a great start to the year for the Nylah brand. The Excellence Award is recognition of the Nylah family’s years of developing a formula with a cosmetic scientist and trichologist to produce quality products.

Read more about the Afro Hair and Beauty Association (AHBA) launch.

For Nylah

The plant-based brand Nylah was a result of two things. Kam, the founder, stopped chemically processing her hair in 2009. After studying advanced black history studies with Robin Walker, also known as ‘The Black History Man’. Kam says, “my hair is a celebration of my history”.

Shortly after giving birth In 2010, daughter Nylah suffered from eczema. Kam would import products from America. However, it became unsustainable. She says, “I like to understand how things work”. Working with a cosmetic scientist and a trichologist, the team worked tirelessly on the formulation of the products.

Kam now has plans to grow the Nylah brand and expand the team. You can find them stocked here.

Do you use the Nylah range?

Nylah Naturals UK

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