Everything to make your hair popp!

by mediabeast
1st January 1970

?There was something inside me that wanted to start a business to support my community.? Dominique, Founder of hair popp!


A central hub for hair newbies, enthusiasts, influencers and independent brand-owners alike. hair popp! serves to bridge the gap, connecting consumers to the healthy hair brands and retailers that are catered for us, created by us.


We believe in celebrating our hair in all its glory, regardless of curl type and texture. So, healthy hair is our priority and we intend to share this passion with you.


We scour and seek to connect with healthy hair care brands that enable women (and men) to take ownership of our hair health. From natural, plant-based products, and events, we serve to create and share content that inspires you to discover, learn and engage with a community authentically created for you.


So, it?s more than just selling products for our tresses. It?s a lot deeper.

Wherever you are on your journey, come, join us.

Let?s empower ourselves together.


  • So, join us this evening for the opportunity to cultivate long-lasting relationships.
  • This evening is an opportunity to have an overall experience of emerging healthy hair care brands. By seeing and feeling the texture of new products and meeting some of the owners and ambassadors behind them.
  • Therefore, at this technology-driven venue in Birmingham, we are bringing creative individuals and businesses under one roof, to build lasting, beneficial partnerships and grow your net worth.


?Your contacts are your currency?. Kubi Springer, She Builds Brands


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