Hair Popp Hackathon Round-Up 📢

by Dominique
23rd July 2023

We are still in high spirits after the incredible success of our recent Hackathon! 🚀 Despite the challenges of rain and train strikes, our tech enthusiasts from Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Essex, London, Coventry, Leicester, and Wolverhampton united for a day of innovation and collaboration.


🤝 The atmosphere at the event was simply electric! Attendees eagerly seized the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals in the tech industry. We witnessed a diverse group of hackers, including men, women, and talented youngsters aged 12 to 50+, showcasing their skills and sharing their backgrounds.


🏢 Our heartfelt gratitude goes to STEAMhouse Pre-incubator for providing an ideal environment for creativity and teamwork. Throughout the event, attendees demonstrated their commitment to learning and growth, with some experiencing their first-ever hackathon!


🌟 The feedback we received from all of you was heartwarming! Your appreciation for our efforts in organising the event, providing refreshments, and fostering an atmosphere that nurtured creativity and talent truly touched our hearts.

🌐 The connections formed during the hackathon didn’t end there! We loved seeing attendees eagerly sharing their LinkedIn profiles and staying connected on social media, nurturing a supportive network for further growth in the tech industry.


💡 The hackathon showcased the incredible potential of user-centric development. Our teams worked diligently to address the challenge of providing personalised haircare suggestions. While they faced some hurdles in implementing their solutions, the efforts were evident.


🏆 Congratulations to all the teams for their hard work and dedication! The judges recognised their strong intention to solve the problem and appreciated your user-focused approach.

🛠️ While the solution challenge posed some difficulties, we believe that it’s all part of the learning process. As we move forward, let’s continue to refine and develop our solutions to create a comprehensive and personalised experience for our users.


🎉 The hackathon was a resounding success, fostering collaboration, learning, and networking among our talented tech community. We couldn’t be prouder of our Hair Popp team’s dedication and the active participation of our attendees.

🙏🏾 A special shoutout to our sponsors who made this event possible! 🎊 Thank you for your support and belief in our vision.


🌈 We look forward to hosting more exciting events and building an even stronger community together. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to unleash your creativity and talents in the tech industry.


A huge thank you to FROW Magazine, the trailblazing inclusive fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine for women, for their support and partnership in this venture. Your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry is truly commendable. 🌈🚀


We are also immensely grateful to syncd:in, the platform that empowers creators of Black music to maximise their monetisation opportunities. Your support in our Hackathon journey has been invaluable.


Last but not least, a special thank you to Totes Caribbean a brand that believes that representation is important. Their designs immortalise Caribbean words, phrases and sayings, in a fun and unique way, celebrating Caribbean history and British-Caribbean identity.

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