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1st January 1970

Hair, It’s a Family Affair?contains beautiful illustrations that make it suitable for pre-school children and their parents. Nowadays, many parents are struggling to teach their children to embrace their afro curly hair. The book fixates the spotlight on Afro hair and the endless possibilities it offers.

The urgent need of non-white characterised? books

How is it possible for our kids to love themselves if they can not recognise themselves in the books they read? How do we expect them to love themselves when the books they read don’t promote tolerance, empowerment and diversity?

Often the non-white characters are woefully unrepresented in children’s picture books. In July 2018 The Guardian reported that according to an Arts Council England funded research project, in 2017 only 1% of British children?s books featured a main character who is black or minority ethnic.

Hair Popp hair, its a family affair

Why Hair, It’s a Family Affair?is a ‘must’ for our children?

“I love my natural hair because it is a gift that we as black women have”? – Lola Atobatelle.?Celebrities such as Lupita Nyongo and Solange Knowles are examples of black women who wear their natural hair with pride, this book speaks directly to children who may not have access to natural hair bloggers, websites and magazines.
The book made a great step in the name of the diversity and black and mixed skinned kids.??Parents with children with afro hair constantly want to uplift their children and make them proud of their hair, this book does so in an entertaining light-hearted way.

The Story of the Hair, it’s a Family Affair!

Macy, a bright and bubbly girl who, when it?s her turn to talk to her class about her family tells them all about her family?s hair. Macy describes each family member’s hairstyle. It explores the?versatility of Afro hair. Her sparkling description of each member’s hairstyle celebrates the beauty and diversity of Afro hair. Interestingly, at the end it turns out that Daddy has no hair!

Hair Popp Blog post Hair, its a family affair

Surprise your child with this funny and educational book by?Mylo Freeman You can buy it online here.

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