Horrible Hair Stories Part I – we keep it real out here [customer experience]

by mediabeast
1st January 2020

Allow me to introduce myself

You spoke and we listened. We had a good response to our questions about your ‘horrible hair stories’. Boy, don’t we all have a few! The purpose of this series is not to name and shame, but rather we hope that salon owners will read this and buck up a bit. We also aim to have a spin-off series where we highlight not the bad and the ugly, but rather those good salons out there. Come along for the journey, we promise not to disappoint.

So you’ve made your salon appointment, right. You’re a busy person yourself, so you respect people’s time, right. You’ve heard the reviews, you’ve seen the promo videos, no problem, right? Oh, how wrong could you be…Ok, ok, so our hopes haven’t been shattered as yet, we haven’t arrived at the hairdresser’s, let’s start from the beginning.

It’s a jungle out here

Filled with the hope that [insert name of hair studio] can slay me, whilst also providing a bomb experience, I arrive at the location. The first time I might add. No greeting a the door, let alone the offer of cuppa or cloud juice. Ok, all hope is not lost yet, they are just pre-occupied. I go to take a seat and…”can you comb your hair out please, it makes it easier for us to manage“. Say what? “Errr, no”, I think to myself. I almost make a trip outside to make a double take at the salon name, this is a black hairdresser, right?

Already annoyed, they don’t only go and offer me a comb again…and again…what the? By this time, 2 hours have already gone past you know, whilst I’m sitting in this chair. I might not have had the most plans for the evening, but I had my TV shows planned out the night man!

What a shame

To cut a long story short, this was definitely a horrible hair story! I came in for a treatment and trim, and left with shattered dreams and dashed hopes. Kmt. I held up my side of the bargain and paid for the service, I even brought my own hair products, and I sure won’t be coming back here again.? I found this salon to be unprofessional, untrue to their advertising and unable to run an appointment system. It seemed to me to be one of those elitist hairdressers, that provide the true service to friends and longtime clients. It shouldn’t be this way though!

Final word

The hair studio even followed up with a text the following day, to which I responded honestly. Air, that is was I got in return, they did not attempt to redeem themselves at all. A note to other salons, “don’t be greedy at your customers’ expense”.

If you can relate, please share your experience in the comments. Why is it so hard to find a decent UK child-friendly black hair salon? Learn more about a mothers customer experience in a Central London black hair salon. Mom was horrified to experience a nightmare hairdresser that could not cater to her daughter?s natural hair and ended up leaving with her daughters’ hair unfinished. Read more here.?

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