Is your head wrap game strong? We have headwraps for days [shop]

by mediabeast
29th November 2018

Is your head wrap game strong? Head wraps are trending right now. They keep your hair protected from the environment as well as low manipulation. In addition, it is a great accessory for your next outfit.

Here are a few headwrap companies to check out:

#1: Love YaaYaa

Love YaaYaa - Hair Popp uk black hair brands

Love YaaYaa has fashionable head wraps. However, what makes them unique is that the wraps come in different sizes. The wraps are beautiful, with different designs inspired by Africa.

Shop here: https://loveyaayaa.com/

#2: Eze Wraps

Eze Wraps - Hair popp uk black hair brands

Every queen deserves her crown is the motto by which Eze Wraps go by. Shareefa, the founder, created these headwraps so that your natural hair doesn?t dry out, by lining them with satin. They are contemporary African handmade satin lined head wraps for every melanin queen. They are in different colours, shapes, as well as designs that will catch your eye. Eze wraps are U.K. based, but they deliver all over the world.

Shop here: https://www.instagram.com/ezewraps/

#3: Asikara by Laura Jane

asikara by Laura jane - hair pope uk black hair brands

A UK based fashion label that takes African influences and fuses them with contemporary British design to create stunning garments and accessories that reflect both cultures. Asikara pushes the boundaries of fashion to create sustainable clothing and head wraps at an affordable price.

Shop here: https://www.hairpopp.com/product-category/accessories/

#4: Heleecus Handmade Jewellery:

heleecus head wraps - hair pope uk black hair brands

Another UK based manufacturer of head wraps. Heleecus is a unique brand because they have matching necklaces for each head wrap. It is perfect especially if you did not know what jewellery to wear with your outfit. As well as, it adds to the authenticity of your look.

Shop here: https://www.heleecus.com/ourproducts/

#5: Kiyana Limited:

kiyana limited - hair popp uk black hair brands

Kiyana Limited sells an exquisite array of head wraps and turbans. Therefore, they are perfect for any occasion whether formal or casual. They are affordably priced and they are manufactured using high-quality material.

Shop here: http://www.kiyanawraps.com

#6: Knots

knots uk - hair popp uk black hair brands

Sandra, the founder of Knots, was birthed from a family of women who wore headwraps. They source their material from places like Kenya and Nigeria. For those of you looking for something simple, they cater for you as well with beautiful solids and denims. Your purchase helps to support Hello Love – a charity that supports women with cancer.
Shop here:?http://knots-uk.com/

#7: ThandiWrap:

thank wraps  - hair popp uk black hair brands

ThandiWrap specialises in headwear and complimentary accessories.? Their signature piece is the Thandiwrap, a unique hat-wrap combination headwrap/turban designed to simplify the head wrapping process.

  1. Simple, fuss-free &and to easy to wear ?- can be wrapped in seconds, literally!
  2. Versatile ? can be styled in many different ways – your choice!
  3. Suits many occasions?? home, work, special
  4. Prefiited standard?head size
  5. Comes in different fabrics,?colours and print designs.

Shop here:?https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ThandiWrap

#8: Zakaara:

zakaara -  - hair popp uk black hair brands

Not only do they sell unique headwraps, but they do mommy and me ones too. So, you can match with your daughter for any special event such as her birthday or family event. These headwraps have a satin lining so you don?t have to worry about protection for your baby?s edges as well as hair.

Shop here:?https://www.zakaara.com

So, head wraps are definitely making their comeback within the beauty industry. Do you wear them? Also, who is your favourite designer?

 - hair popp uk black hair brands

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