Jim + Henry’s Eight a.k.a A Pot of Gold [product review]

by mediabeast
5th June 2018

I had the pleasure of receiving Jim + Henry’s Eight through my door. Saying that I had high hopes for this product would be an understatement! For a while, I had been seeing people use the product on Instagram. So I was so excited to finally get my hands on it!

The Packaging

Firstly I think the presentation and packaging of the product undeniably reflect its purpose. The packaging is simple and so aesthetically pleasing to the extent that I enjoy having it on my shelf even though it’s empty. It does not have the typical bright, colourful, striking natural hair product look. The pot is a dark brown, coffee bean colour which I think makes it even more unique.

The Ingredients of Jim + Henry’s Eight

Inherent of the name, this product only contains eight ingredients with the first three ingredients being water, shea butter and vitamin E. Obviously, water and shea butter are two of the most moisturising ingredients or necessities you can apply to your hair. Vitamin E is believed to promote hair growth, reduce inflammation and repair damaged hair follicles. There is also a very strong presence of rosemary oil in the product which you can smell as soon as you open the pot. The rosemary scent is quite strong when it’s in the pot. However, once you apply it to your hair, the scent does drift away. By purchasing Eight you can are providing your hair with rich, organic, vegan goodness to moisturise, soften and revitalise your tresses.

The cream has a light, almost squishy texture that melts into your hair. It spreads throughout the strands very easily so for me, I found a little went a long way, especially when finger detangling! From my experience of using the product, the main benefits were softer, moisturised, lighter and revitalised curls. In terms of hold and definition, there was not a lot. Some strands did have a slight cast once they had dried but that was easily fixed by scrunching some argan oil into my hair. If your wash and go aims are to achieve defined curls with a stronghold, this probably isn’t the product for you. However, if you want fluffy, lightweight, moist hair (more like third to fifth-day hair), this product is perfect!

Eight really is a pot of gold.

I would recommend Jim + Henry’s Eight to anyone and everyone! It really did work magic on my hair. My hair gets quite dry as I have highlights and this product locks moisture into my hair for days. Therefore, I definitely suggest using this product if you suffer from particularly dry or colour treated hair like myself! If you do like to have defined curls, there is always the option of adding a gel to this cream. Make sure the gel is compatible with Eight. I will definitely be repurchasing the product as I believe it is incredibly versatile to match afro and curly hair. The brand actually has two different size pots that you can purchase. So I would recommend buying the smaller pot before plunging into the larger pot, just in case, it doesn’t work for you! The product is made in Birmingham, UK. One thing I strongly believe in is supporting up and coming UK natural hair brands, particularly when their products are made with natural ingredients and to such a high quality.



Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Jim + Henry’s ‘eight’ and what curl patterns and hair texture you have?

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