Kiya Cosmetics – Joins Hair Popp [New Vendor]

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15th September 2020

About Kiya Cosmetics

This mumpreneur is striving to break boundaries with her all-natural hair and skincare brand.

Kiya Cosmetics is a range of clean simple beauty products to improve the hair and skin naturally.

Mum of three, Kay Amoah, launched Kiya Cosmetics in September 2019, just 9 months after giving birth to her third child.

I’ve always had a passion for hair care, I big chopped in 2017, and began my journey to learning to accept and care for my hair in its natural state.

After her big chop, Kay researched various products and ingredients to best care for her hair and skin. Kay discovered how shea butter drastically improved the overall health and look of her hair when whipped with oils. Then, she was quick to share her tips online with others who struggled to care for their dry, thick, type 4 hair.

Four months after giving birth to her third child however, Kay faced another hair care issue – postpartum shedding.

I lost my edges completely! They were gone.

What is postpartum shedding

A few months after labour, women’s bodies go through a ton of changes as the hormone levels try to regulate. This is when many women are faced with the issue of excessive shedding and hair loss. Having gone through this before however, I knew exactly what to do to restore them. I made a special blend of natural oils and ayurvedic powders which is our best-selling product – Kiya’s Hair Growth Oil. I used it on my edges every other day, and after 2/3 months they were completely restored! I then knew I needed to share these products with others who were facing the same issues as me but were unable to find solutions.

Since launching, Kiya Cosmetics has quickly built up an online presence through social media, and also attending various trade shows and events. Despite the pressures of Covid-19, they have continued to see an increase in sales, with many raving about seeing improvements in their hair and skin after trying the products!

“It’s a really exciting time for Kiya Cosmetics, even with the difficulties surrounding Covid-19. I really appreciate everyone who supports us and continued to shop with us, throughout the pandemic. It has really kept us going. This is just the beginning; I can’t wait to see where the next year and more takes us.


Future plans for Kiya Cosmetics

My plan for Kiya Cosmetics is that it will be a brand that caters to most, if not all of our hair and skincare needs. It won’t be an easy task, especially as I still have three young children to run around after, but I believe it is possible.

There is a huge gap in the market for a brand like ours that is fresh, new, natural and that also caters heavily to women of colour. As a black, female, entrepreneur in London, it can sometimes feel as though there is a lot stacked up against me to fail, or not be as successful as others in this industry. However, I am striving towards being a part of the change we’ve started to see in recent years. Beauty retailers are slowly waking up to the huge demand from black women to cater to their hair and skin types as more women are embracing their true and authentic selves. Therefore, it is the perfect time for the emergence of brands like ours, curated by women of colour who not only understand the needs these women are facing, but are able to meet their needs with non-harmful solutions.”

In August 2020, just before the 1-year anniversary, Kiya Cosmetics finally moved into a new office/warehouse space and welcomed two new members of staff and two interns.

I'm so happy and proud to have made it through my first year of business, it has far exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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