Hair Popp featured in the Metro: dry lockdown Afro hair tips [feature]

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11th June 2020

Hair Popp featured in the Metro giving dry lockdown Afro hair tips on how to look after dry Afro hair in lockdown.

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Article published on www.metro.co.uk by Natalie Morris on Tuesday 28 Apr 2020 9:13 am.

The Metro asked Dominique, the founder of Hair Popp – the Birmingham-based Afro hair care hub – for her tips on keeping Afro hair hydrated, healthy and happy in lockdown.

‘Afro and curly hair, contrary to popular belief, needs moisture to keep it hydrated,’ says Dominique. ‘Due to the shapes of our curls, it’s harder for sebum to get to the ends of the hair and is, therefore, more prone to dryness and breakage. ‘Sebum is the natural oil that our hair naturally produces. ‘So, if you have dry hair, put three parts water and one part oil in a spray bottle and spritz the hair, particularly the ends of the hair which are the oldest and the driest. ‘Spritzing the hair in the morning and the night helps with hydration, makes it easier to style and helps with the detangling process on wash day.  ‘Follow up with essential oils to seal in the moisture and cream for closing the cuticles of the hair and therefore retaining the moisture.’

‘However, if you don’t want to do all of this yourself and you want some support with combating dryness, you can shop on hairpopp.com where we have put together kits for your that are easy as one, two, three.’

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Hair Popp was also featured in the BBC in May sharing our lockdown hair tutorial.

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