Mobile Hairstylists in Nottingham, East Midlands [Blog]

by Dominique
10th August 2020

I get asked a lot for recommendations for mobile hairstylists, so I thought I’d collate this list of mobile hairstylists in Nottingham. Please share with family and friends if you live in East Midlands and want you hair styled at home. If you think we’ve missed a mobile salon, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to update this list. 

This list of mobile hairstylists in Nottingham are recommendations from a collaboration with Niyo Hair & Beauty, one of the child organisations of Niyo Enterprise. They are on a mission to economically empower black women through hair and they teach their mobile stylists how to deliver high standards of haircare and customer services to their clients. 

Did you know that 94% of people working in beauty are female and that, as an industry, it contributes £28.4billion to the UK economy (taken from rainchq). Let’s support this community to get back on their feet 🙌🏾..


Beauty By Lem
@beautybylem in Leicester

Beeby’s Beauty
@beebys_beauty in Nottingham

Blessing Hair Nottingham
@blessing_hair_nottingham in Nottingham/London

Bolus Beauty
@bolusbeauty in Nottingham/London

Braids Nottingham
@braids_nottingham in Nottingham

Hair By Jakelyn
@hairbyjakelyn in Nottingham and Croydon

Hair By Reissy
@hairbyreissy in Nottingham 

Hair By Shan
@hairbyshan in Nottingham (Essex based)

Hair Proud
@hairproud in Nottingham

Nottingham Braider
@nottinghambraider in Nottingham

Sarah Slays
@_sarahslays_ in Nottingham/Brumwell

She By Sherry
@shebysherry in Nottingham



If I’ve forgotten any mobile based natural hair stylists please write in the comments below and I’ll do my best to update the post. Please do share with everyone you know in Nottingham and the East Midlands who could use a mobile-based hairstylist. For some people, looking after their hair during lockdown wasn’t a pleasant experience. Also, let’s support our mobile-based hairstylists who were unable to work during lockdown (and just because they’re great).

Niyo Hair & Beauty The Art of Making Money As An Afro - Hair Dresser: Masterclass

The Art of Making Money As An Afro Hair Dresser: Master Class

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Did you find this list of mobile hairstylists in Nottingham and the East Midlands useful?

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