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by mediabeast
22nd November 2018

If you are new to the natural hair game or an OG, then you may know of the 3 different types of moisturising conditioners rinse out, leave-in and deep. Although they are all conditioners, they do serve different purposes for our hair. Every brand makes their conditioners different, some using more chemicals than others. However, there are a few brands within the market that manufacture their products using 100% natural ingredients. Therefore, allowing your hair to reach its optimally healthy state. Here are 10 conditioners to achieve healthy hair:


#1: Boucleme:

Creamy Caf Latter Leave-in Detangle Conditioner:

The leave-in conditioner is infused with butter, coconut, coffee and macadamia nut oil. All of these natural ingredients aids in detangling your hair, sealing in moisture and reducing frizz. Therefore, nourishing your hair to its healthy state.

Double Cream Moisture Balance Leave-in Curl Conditioner: It contains essential oils such as cedarwood and ylang-ylang that stimulates hair follicles in order to promote hair growth.

The Curly Conditioning Hair Milk can be used as a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. It has a light consistency enriched with seaweed oils as well as botanical extracts. This will nourish your dry and/or damaged hair.


#2: Charlotte Mensah:

The award-winning brand has two conditioners.

Manketti Oil ConditionerThe conditioner is infused with organic ingredients (Manketti Nuts and Ximenia Oils) that have been sustainably sourced. These will condition and nourish your hair strands with moisture and minerals. Thus, allowing the natural lustre of your hair to shine through.

Manketti Oil Conditioner: Charlotte’s conditioner is infused with supreme organic ingredients such as Manketti nuts and Ximenia oils. It conditions and nourishes your hair strands with moisture as well as strength. Thus, allowing the natural lustre of your hair to shine through.


#3: Curly By Nature:

Intensive Deep Conditioning MaskAn intense deep treatment is what your curls need to revive it. The mask will nourish your dry ends, penetrate moisture into the hair shaft, maintains the scalp ph’s balance and enhances the natural sheen of your curls.


#4: Jim + Henry:

EightLeave-in conditioners are used to add and keep moisture in your hair for days after styling, and this product is true to it. It is rich in shea butter which is the best sealant for our natural tresses. Also, it contains rosemary oil which is an essential oil that promotes hair growth and improves scalp health.

TenThe conditioner contains organic oils, shea butter, filtered water, as well as essential oils. It is great for nourishing your hair strands.


#5: Nylah Naturals:

Super Botanicals Conditioner:

Super Botanicals Conditioner:

This multi-award winning brand has a conditioner that is loaded with essential amino acids and botanicals that softens and moistures your hair. This aids in preventing breakage as well as strengthening the hair shaft.

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#6: Root2TiP:

Sal Baxter – the founder and award winner of the Hair Entrepreneur 2018.

Triple Protein Strengthening Hair MaskOur hair needs protein in order to withstand against breakage, single strands knots, and shedding. This hair mask is perfect because it contains milk, wheat, and henna hydrolysed protein extracts. Thus, the gaps in your hair strands will be filled with protein to add strength to your strands.

Comb Out Co-wash: This product has plenty of slip which aids in detangling all of your knots and curls. Thus, allowing your hair to be cleansed, conditioned, and detangled using one product.


#7: Shea Butter Cottage:

Hibiscus Deep Conditioner: The hibiscus plant is not only known for decorating the environment, but it strengths our hair shaft. This deep conditioner is infused with the hibiscus plant and bamboo. Thus, reducing breakage, split ends, and even single strand knots. Lastly, it contains lavender oil which improves scalp health. Therefore, promoting hair growth.

Avocado + Coconut Leave-In Conditioner: The avocado and coconut oil are rich in fatty oils that out hair needs. It repairs damaged hair whether from heat, breakage, or colour.


#8: Flora & Curl:

The founder: Rose Ovensehi

Organic Rose & Honey Milk Detangler:

Organic Rose & Honey Milk Detangler: This is a two in one leave-in conditioner and detangler. It is loaded with moisture from the rose water, sunflower, oats, and vitamin B. IN addition, it seals in the hair cuticles to prevent moisture loss.


#9: Almocado:

Coconut and Castor Oil Conditioner: Coconut and castor oil are high in fatty acids that provide moisture and strength. The avocado conditioner is infused with both that will nourish your scalp and hair. Also, the coconut oil will add slip thus making detangling your hair a breeze.


#10: Big Hair:

Deep Conditioning Clay Mask: Vogue nominated Big Hair has a Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, which is the key ingredient, strips the hair of unwanted oil, debris as well as product build-up. Thus, allowing your hair and scalp to be clean so as to take moisture properly. After using the mask your curls will be bouncy, clean and defined.


Which of these moisturising conditioners do you use? Leave a comment below.

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