Afrocenchix extend natural hair products for Afro hair [press release]

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25th April 2018
Award-winning “Best Natural Hair Brand”, founders of Afrocenchix has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of changing the black hair industry for the better. The campaign for a new line of natural hair products will run until May 2018.

Natural hair products for Afro hair

The founders Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate met at university and bonded over the struggles of not being able to find natural and effective hair products for their Afro hair. They both suffered from traction alopecia. Joycelyn was becoming health conscious. Rachael has many allergies as well as eczema so they were keen to find natural, hypoallergenic products that worked. This search led to the creation of the multi-award-winning brand, Afrocenchix.

Thanks to the support of the Afrocenchix community, the brand has grown tremendously since its inception. Last year Afrocenchix became the first brand for Afro hair to be stocked in all UK Whole Foods stores. In February 2018, Afrocenchix was awarded the Black Beauty and Fashion Award for ‘Best Natural Hair Brand’.

Afrocenchix crowdfund campaign for natural hair products

A successful crowdfunding campaign for extending their natural hair products will enable the brand to add two new products to their vegan certified range, their highly requested and long-awaited silicone-free conditioner and their 100% natural and luxurious Avocado styling butter. They also have concrete plans to outsource their manufacturing in order to scale their production. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign can preorder the two new products as well as other perks. You can pledge here.

Rachael Corson says:

natural hair products

“We’re a tiny team of 4 women delivering to over 20 stores and serving hundreds of customers in the UK and 22 other countries through Afrocenchix whilst manufacturing, advising customers, running social media accounts, blogging, creating strategy, bookkeeping, tweaking our website, marketing and growing the company! It’s exhausting work but seeing the industry change for the better makes it worth it. Demand has increased massively and getting the manufacturing out of our hands will help us focus more on our long term growth goals so we can help more women.”

Joycelyn Mate added:

“Achieving our crowdfunding target will put us in better stead to achieve our long term goal of becoming the number one brand for Afro and curly haired families. We want to lift up our community by creating jobs in natural hair productsscience, technology, engineering and maths whilst hiring black women in these fields. Legacy is important to us. In our ideal world natural and effective products for black women would be accessible.”

Notes to editors:

For more information email pr@afrocenchix.com

Indiegogo campaign link Afrocenchix

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Website: Afrocenchix

Afrocenchix natural hair products

natural hair products

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