Natural Hair Through The Eyes of a Man with Pixus Photography [new blog]

by mediabeast
14th August 2017

Photographer Selom Anim, did it again with?Natural Hair Through The Eyes of a Man, with Pixus Photography. His photography was featured in the media, this time for the Black Beauty & Hair magazine. Our founder, Dominique modelled with Ade and K.QueenConscious for a natural hair photo shoot with Pixus Photography. Selom wanted to capture shots of black women with natural hair and capturing natural hair through a man’s eyes.


Black Beauty & Hair magazine,?Natural Hair Through The Eyes of a Man

Be sure to check out the?August/ September 2017 edition of the Black Beauty & Hair Magazine.?Selom, founder of Pixus Photography spoke about representing a style that the mainstream media tends to ignore. The article?Natural Hair Through The Eyes of a Man does exactly what the title says.

The Black Beauty & Hair article raised questions about why black women spend so much money on hair care, particularly to keep it straight. Is it practicality or conforming to a European standard of beauty?

The Voice Online, Natural Beauty: A Photographer’s Perspective

In June 2017, the photos were featured in The Voice Online, Natural Beauty: A Photographer’s Perspective,?where Selom discussed his perspective of natural beauty and shared some of his research findings and observations about the black hair industry. His research found that black women spend an estimated ?88 million on hair care (according to the Huffington Post). You can read Selom?s blog post where he discusses his findings.



Live Twitter chat, is natural hair in the workplace unprofessional?

We hosted a live Twitter chat. We asked if natural hair in the workplace was unprofessional. The reason for this topic is that whilst so many women are waking up to their black consciousness. There are still women who do not accept that natural black beauty is acceptable. A few men that joined in the live debate, and they tweeted that natural hair on black women is beautiful. They support black women who choose to style their natural hair and to be unapologetic about their appearance. They also felt that we need to embrace our blackness, rather than try to be socially accepted by the European beauty standard.

So, what are your thoughts on natural hair? Let us know in the comments below.

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