Daddy Hair Hero by Project Embrace for Dope Black Dads

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28th November 2019

Afrovisibility campaign organisation Project Embrace teamed up with Dope Black Dads to host an event to teach dads how to be their daughters’ hero by rescuing their curls. Trichologist, Nicola from the Smart Hair Clinic presented key tips and tricks to maintain your children’s’ natural hair. This event was sponsored by Hair Popp and co-sponsored by brand partners Bourn Beautiful Naturals and Akoma.

Project Embrace was nominated for Best Marketing Campaign – Diversity in Media Awards in 2017. The organisation won Social Impact Award – World Afro Day in 2018 and 2019 winner of the Innovation Award by Precious Lifestyle Awards.

Hair Popp sponsored the children’s natural hair workshop, a collaboration between Project Embrace and Dope Black Dads. Father’s love their daughters and the event educated fathers on their daughters’ hair. Focusing on how to take care of natural hair, maintain it, detangle it and style it. All Hair Popp products were used for the workshop organised by Lekia Lee, founder of Project Embrace at Peckham Palms, London.

Products used

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Akoma Shaving Soap Bergamot

I would describe my hair as big, fluffy, soft like cotton and beautiful

Dominique, founder of Hair Popp says, “For me personally, I want little girls and little boys to grow up seeing people that look like them, seeing their hair texture in lots of different industries and knowing that they are beautiful and that they are loved and that they don’t have to look like someone that doesn’t look like them”.


About the Daddy Hair Hero workshop

Following the success of our previous Daddy Hair Hero events, Project Embrace has teamed up with Dope Black Dads to host a session for fathers to children with afro-textured hair.

Fathers too want to know how to make haircare less of a tear-filled event and because we know just how precious the father-daughter relationship is, what better way to build or strengthen the bond than to have daddy style his princess’s hair.

The importance of the father-daughter bond cannot be overestimated. This event took place at Peckham Palms in London. It provided a real opportunity to help create a loving and secure relationship.


Introduction to Dope Black Dads

Dope Black Dads are a group of black dads based in London, New York and South Africa have come together to address this and provide a progressive discussion around the male parenting experience, discussing the highs and lows of what it means to be a black father in today’s society.

The event at Peckham Palms in London an Afrocentric retail space in the heart of Peckham. Their mission is to support and grow business ventures, led by black women, to create more diversity, providing exceptional hairstyling and beauty services, with a high-quality drink and food offer and a multi-use event venue.

Watch the highlights on the video below.

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