Revive by Sel mobile hairstylist partners with Hair Popp [collaboration]

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13th October 2019

DRUM ROLL PLEASE……. Revive by Sel Birmingham mobile hairstylist partners with Hair Popp.

Selina aka Revive by Sel is a mobile hairstylist from Birmingham. Since we met at a networking event, Sel has become such a big supporter of Hair Popp. She actively looks for and supports UK black-owned, quality hair brands, offering her clients the best treatment and products.


Since writing this post, we had to share this event where Sel is going to be having a Fireside chat as part of Rebel Meetups by Yena.

Come and join the Rebel Meetup for rebellious entrepreneurs!

Thinking of starting a business? Growing your start-up and looking for peer support? Or maybe you just want to find out where the opportunities are in Birmingham? Join the Yena community on Wednesday 5 February at 6:30 pm at Cafe Artum.

What is the agenda?

18.30-19.15: Welcome and networking

19.15-19.45: Fireside Chat and Q&A

19.45-21.00: More networking

Find out more on Eventbrite.

"Happy hair, happy journey. Revive by Sel"

About Sel

Selina aka Sel, is a mother of three beautiful children. She has a varied background. Sel has worked in retail, which explains where her wonderful customer service comes from. In addition, Sel has also worked with young people in education – mentoring, working with children with special education needs, behavioural issues. Another of Sel’s hats is community work. Whenever Sel can support or help, she will.

Sel became a full-time hairstylist because she wants to connect her passion for doing hair with education and mental health.

Birmingham Mobile Hair Stylist

What we love about Sel, is that she teaches her clients how to look after their natural hair, as well as protective styling. Sel is passionate about hair and making people feel good about themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Sel gets such positive reviews from her clients. We can personally vouch for her kindness, knowledge of afro and curly hair and willingness to always learn new things about hair and business. Recently, Sel graduated from Zoe Bennett’s. I Am A Motivational Queen Masterclass. This is a nine-month entrepreneurial programme that has delivered amazing results for the attendees of the class of 2019 such as Sel.

If you’re looking for a stylist who does natural hair, weaves, wigs, braids and bridal hair – Revive by Sel is the one for you. Revive by Sel takes the worry out of getting your hair laid. So for time-poor parents, who struggle to get child care to go to the salon, or worried about people, or if you get anxious or nervous, then Sel works around you and your time, work and family.

Sel believes in providing you with a good hair regime and helps with making you feel good about yourself (we all have bad hair days).

Women In Business Networking

In addition to being a mobile hairdresser that brings the service to your home, Sel has put on women in a business networking event. She brings together a group of women in business and women who want to shop and network. The energy at Sel’s events is always so inspiring.

At Sel’s first event, she had the audience in tears when she spoke so passionately about her late grandmother who encouraged her to follow her dreams.

We are so happy to partner with Sel. All Revive by Sel customers will get 10% off Hair Popp products and accessories. If you’re looking for a mobile hairstylist or bridal stylist, we definitely recommend Sel.

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