Shop online for black haircare products during lockdown [ad]

by Admin
14th May 2020

We understand some of the struggles that black women are experiencing during lockdown however, you can shop online for black haircare products so that it’s one less thing to worry about during this pandemic.

Are you struggling for hair products for afro and curly hair?

Hair Popp is still open and fulfilling your orders in the UK and worldwide. Whilst you stay at home, we got you. However long we’re in lockdown, we’re here to make your hair popp! We’re still open.

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We thought we’d explain how you can shop online for black haircare products during lockdown

Hey! I’m Dominique and I’m the founder of Hair Popp. Hair Popp is an online marketplace for natural hair care products and accessories for afro and curly hair.

I have been on an amazing journey with Hair Popp and the latest chapter happens to be the story of all our lives …

We have made it easier and convenient for you to purchase hair care products online, so you don’t have to leave the safety of your homes.

We’re in a time of uncertainty at the moment… but I have a feeling… We’re gonna be alright…

About Hair Popp

An online marketplace, selling natural hair care products and accessories for afro and curly hair, created by UK black owned hair and accessories brands. Shop online www.hairpopp.com/shop.


About Dominique, the founder

Dominique is a female tech entrepreneur who has an emotional connection with the advancement of her community. She is passionate about using the latest technology and digital media to empower and uplift the black economy. As a millennial and a business owner, one of her biggest qualities is networking and connecting people.

In 2017 while living in London Dominique Lescott began her entrepreneurial journey with a personal challenge to buy exclusively from UK black businesses. This prompted her to use her influence and leadership skills to mobilize her former employers Professional Black Network to deliver positive changes for the organisations’ ethnic minority employees.

Whilst living abroad in St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominique used the time to develop and grow her business before returning to the UK to launch Hair Popp.

Thank you to The TG Group for putting this advert together for Hair Popp.

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Have you seen our dealing with curly hair during lockdown hair tutorial that was featured in the BBC?

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