Sorf Hair film screening Hair Popp + Island Girls Rock [event]

by Dominique
17th November 2022
The Sorf Hair film screening is well overdue! As a woman who shares British Nevisian heritage, I was really excited to collaborate with Chantal Miller founder of Island Girls Rock (IGR). IGR is a non-profit initiative celebrating women and girls of Caribbean heritage 🇰🇳🇬🇩🇯🇲🇧🇧🇬🇾🇦🇮🇧🇸🇭🇹 (share your flag in the comments).
When I say, it’s been well overdue, Chantal and I started planning the Sorf Hair film screening, a documentary tackling natural hair discrimination in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 at Peckham Palms London for March 2020. Then, of course, COVID happened and we had to postpone! We were both gutted.
Fast forward two years later,  Chantal is expected to extend the sustainable apparel brand ‘IGR Gear’ to St. Kitts and Nevis in 2022 🇰🇳. So we’re happy to collaborate on this very much-needed discussion about natural hair discrimination in the Caribbean, in the Caribbean!
Island Girls Rock + Hair Popp are hosting an evening of the film Sorf Hair by Shari Petti. We’ll be discussing the natural hair movement in the Caribbean and shopping in person with Hair Popp. If you’re located in St. Kitts and Nevis, join us at the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park and book your tickets here.

Chantal founded Island Girls Rock in 2016, in London, as a non-profit initiative celebrating girls and women of Caribbean heritage. She uses the brand to show that the Caribbean is not a monolith, and “aims to build diasporic collaborations, thriving ecosystems and networks and provide mentorship and inspiration through immersive events, workshops and meet ups.” She said the brand is “dedicated to supporting and showcasing Caribbean culture through fostering cultural connections and championing collaborative opportunities between women of the Caribbean and its diaspora”.

After the Sorf Hair film screening, There will be giveaways for guests and a Shark Tank for local businesses and a prize for the winner who will be voted by our audience.
Join us on Instagram live on Thursday 24 November 5:30 GMT / 1:30pm AST where Chantal, Shari and I will be discussing the need for Shari to bring this film to life.

Dominique x

P.S. Check out our events page here.

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