Style Afro and Curly Hair Tutorial With Bourn Beautiful Naturals Styling Kit

by Dominique
8th April 2020

Bourn Beautiful Natural shows Hair Popp how to style afro and curly hair

You asked for more tutorials and we listened. Kadian, the founder of Bourn Beautiful Naturals showed us how to do a twist out and a wash ‘n’ go on her hair, using the exclusive styling kit whilst we tried to navigate Instagram live and Zoom simultaneously. The Kadian has high porosity hair, medium density, strands are mostly fine except around the crown area which tends to be thicker. You can use the styling kit to style both afro and curly hair. Before we got into the tutorial, we had a quick fireside chat with Kadian and the brand. 


Style Afro and curly hair with the Bourn Beautiful Naturals Styling Kit

Bourn Beautiful Naturals are working towards making all products vegan, including switching to a vegan source for silk protein. Kadian says, “Everything is silicone-free, petroleum-free, mineral oil-free, no triethanolamine (TEA), no diethanolamine (DEA) and paraben-free. We don’t use fragrances that have the harmful stuff in them. Silicones make it harder for moisture to penetrate, which builds upon the hair making it dry over time because moisture can’t get to it”.  You can find out more about Kadian’s products and services aimed at young black women, here

US or Jamaica? The US because most of my immediate family are there. It’s only my mother and extended family that live in Jamaica which is where I was born.

Cinema or theatre? Cinema, although I do love the theatre. 

Beach holiday or activity holiday? Beach.

Jam or peanut butter? Peanut butter as I can eat it straight out of the jar.

Plain rice or rice and peas? I’m going to say rice and peas, but only if its gungo rice and peas.

Dark chocolate or milk? Dark all-day, I can now eat at least 90% pure cocoa.

Do you pronounce plan-tin or plan-tain? It’s plan-tin, I’m not saying plantain, I hate it when Americans say plan-tain. That’s not how you say that. It’s definitely plan-tin.

Twist out or braid out? Twist out because it lasts longer.

Grey hairs or dye them back? I have gotten a few grey hairs and I have not dyed them yet but we’ll see how the situation develops, so TBD. 

Coconut oil or shea butter? I use them for different purposes. If I had to choose one, I would choose shea butter because I can control it more and only need to use a little bit. I use it in a mixture for something like micro braids.

Products used to style Afro and curly hair

Petroleum oil and mineral oil in black hair products

Petroleum and mineral oil are used in twisting creams as it keeps moisture out but it doesn’t benefit the hair in any way that vegetable and fruit-based oils would.

TEA and DEA have been linked to cancer-causing chemicals that can also be endorphins disruptors. Studies link these in hair care ingredients, typically in black hair care ingredients. For that reason, we don’t use them. 

  • The Leave Me Be Leave-in Conditioner. It’s silicone-free, glycerin-free and has aloe vera. Use this as a nice protective base. 
  • Hair Too Balm – a whipped hair butter that has shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, essential oils, orange, avocado oil and hazelnut oil. So it’s a really nice blend that melts really easily. Use it with the leave-in conditioner.
  • Curl Crush Flaxseed and Marshmallow Gel – this gel doesn’t have any added protein in it. It’s a medium hold gel. It’s good for slick back styles and to use on adults and kids because it’s not super crunchy gel. Kadian says, “When I was formulating it, I was trying to make something that would work with kinky curly curling custard and this does”.
  • Curl Please! Curling Custard – it’s a coconut oil-free, twisting butter for a really soft wash and go you can use as a cream hair dress and styling kids hair.

Before styling

Wash hair with the moisture silk sulphate-free shampoo and use the Coconut Cream deep conditioner to condition hair. Kadian recommends deep conditioning every other wash (7-10 days) and uses the avocado smoothie conditioner for regular wash days.


Twist out tutorial (style Afro and curly hair)

Start with the Leave Me Be Leave-in Conditioner at the ends of your hair because they are the oldest and therefore the driest. Section your hair into four. Then, take a brush and brush the bottom of the hair. Split the hair into three twists.

Follow up with the Curl Please! Curling Custard on the same area with the leave-in conditioner. This will lock in the moisture and more definition. The custard has babassu oil, mango, butter, aloe vera and coconut milk. 

Next, put the Curl Crush Flaxseed and Marshmallow Gel on top for an extra seal for the twist out. Use the Curl Crush Flaxseed and Marshmallow Gel and run through, focusing particularly on the bottom part and then start at the root and do a flat twist. 


Wash ‘n’ go tutorial (style Afro and curly hair)

Start with the Leave Me Be Leave-in Conditioner at the ends of your hair because they are the oldest and therefore the driest. Section your hair into four. Then, take a brush and brush the bottom of the hair. Then, split the hair into three twists. Run through the hair from top to bottom.

Use a little of the Hair Too Balm on each section. This helps to add a glossiness to the hair as the balm is lighter than the custard which is good for finer hair. The Curling Custard is better for thicker hair.  

Use the Curl Please! Curling Custard on the same area where the leave-in. This will lock in the moisture and give more definition. The custard has babassu oil, mango, butter, aloe vera and coconut milk as well.

Lastly, use the Curl Crush Flaxseed and Marshmallow Gel and run through, focusing particularly on the bottom part and then start at the root and do a flat twist. 

Tip – don’t force your way down, stay on the same spot and it will lead you down by brushing the remainder of the hair so it remains nice and clumped and untangled as you twist. Depending on your hair situation put extra gel on the ends on the hair.

Exclusive styling kit on Hair Popp

Questions from the live tutorial

What are the benefits of using flaxseeds and marshmallows in the gel?

Flaxseeds and marshmallow root are plants that secrete mucus, which is vegan, natural and plentiful on the earth. They provide amazing slick and are very moisturising to the hair. People with coily and kinkier hair and for a slick back style. Others use it as a moisturising gel and add a thin layer of another gel as our gel helps protect the hair more than gels that have a super-strong grip. It’s very versatile.

Natural hair gel

Can you use it as an edge control gel?

You can use it for your edges but it has water so it doesn’t have the same results as an edge gel which will lay your baby hair flat. 

How do you get your products to smell so good?

I asked for feedback from people and asked what kind of smells they like the most?  Also, researching smells I really like, such fruity and citrus smells that are slightly sweet and musky and sexy scents.  

What is the difference, in the results of a wash and go versus a twist out?

“The wash and go style looks closer to my natural curl pattern when it dries out and gives a really nice volume depending on what you do. I find that a wash and go can get tangles more easily. Due to me having high porosity hair it means my cuticles are more lifted and can get tangled with each other more easily.  

“On the other hand, with a twist out gives a looser kind of curl look than the wash and go and gives versatility that lasts longer and allows you to do other styles after the twist out. It also lasts longer than the wash and go”.

What’s next for Bourn Beautiful Naturals?

We’re working on growing the brand and putting our hairline into professional production which will help us to be on more platforms. Also, we want to make a shampoo bar to go with the conditioner bar and launch it online.

What do you want to see from both Hair Popp and Bourn Beautiful Naturals whilst we’re all at home?

More tutorials and demos.  

How long does it take for your hair to be all manageable when you have two different textures?

Kadian: I didn’t have the patience to transition and fully grow my hair, so I did a big chop both times as it got too hard. 

Manageable really depends on what length you think is manageable. I know a lot of women who will do braids for several months back to back and then start doing twists and out braid outs to help with that stage as they slowly begin to cut off the ends.

Patience is definitely key and if you don’t have the patience then I would advise to just do the big chop rather than just struggle with the two textures. It’s hard and it needs more attention so you don’t break off your hair in dealing with those two textures.

What are the best products to use on your hair for daily maintenance? 

Some people like to use the leave-in conditioner as it’s something you can add to your spray bottle. You can use the cream every day on your hair. The Hair Too Balm is fantastic for everyday use and will wash out of your hair easily with the moisture silk sulphate free shampoo and you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your hair too much.

You can use the gel every day. For example, if you have dry hair you’re not going to get a crusty and flaky mess on your hair.


Comments from the live chat (1st April 2020)

  • Revive by Sel  – The gel worked quite well on mine and my daughters’ hair.
  • My favourite smell is grapefruit essential oils.
  • More demonstrations of afro and thicker hair types.
  • Tutorial on how to make moisture because that’s her struggle.
  • Live customer reviews on brands.
  • Currently braiding but it’s quite long, should I put water, cream and oil every day or is that a myth. My hair is so dry and so thick.
  • Do you have anti-dandruff products? What would you recommend for some who have dandruff? For anti-dandruff consider the Nylah Naturals Hair Grow Tea with peppermint.

Check out the Bourn Beautiful Naturals brand page. Also, follow us on Instagram.

What tutorial style Afro and curly hair, do you want to see next? Comment below.

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