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Is your head wrap game strong? We have headwraps for days [shop]

Is your head wrap game strong? Head wraps are trending right now. They keep your hair protected from the environment as well as low manipulation. In addition, it is a great accessory for your next outfit. Here are a few headwrap companies to check out: #1: Love YaaYaa Love YaaYaa has fashionable head wraps. However, […]

by mediabeast
29th November 2018

UK Based Moisturising Conditioners So You Can Make An Informed Decision [shop]

If you are new to the natural hair game or an OG, then you may know of the 3 different types of moisturising conditioners ? rinse out, leave in and deep. Although they are all conditioners, they do serve different purposes for our hair.?Every brand makes their conditioners different, some using more chemicals than others. […]

by mediabeast
22nd November 2018

Afro Hair Subscription Boxes, UK Black Owned [hair products]

The low down on?afro hair subscription boxes Many agree that this is the best time to be a black woman.? The best time to be a natural haired black woman at that.? Ten years ago, afro hair subscription boxes were unheard of.? We struggled to find hair care products made with natural and organic products […]

by mediabeast
21st May 2018

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