Can Birmingham Go Natural? YES We Can [new post]

by mediabeast
11th February 2018

The Treasure Tress roadshow returned on Friday 9 February for a?Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event. It was aimed at educating students in Birmingham on how to care for natural hair on a budget and whilst being time poor. The evening was educational, interactive and fun.

Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event

Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event

Treasure Tress, is a monthly subscription box of hair care products for qweens, tweens and mini’s with kinky curly hair. As this particular link up was aimed at university students, the Gro Healthy products in our goody bags are affordable. Luckily, I wasn?t the only graduate * clears throats* in the room *?smiles *

The expanding Treasure Tress team is made up of, founder Jamelia Donaldson?who I met at the beginning of 2017 at a women’s networking event, and a team of inspirational women. The subscription box company has been?growing and the team have been thinking outside of the box (pun intended). The team also includes Rene? who has a background in journalism and runs a social enterprise helping creatives in London. Siobhan Rowanne my short hair sista in the room, is the Brand Director. Influencers, Beulah of?The Creamy Crack Rehab, and?Marissa RootsUndone?led the workshops on the day.

This interactive series of mini-workshops, had us making a homemade deep conditioner, a moisturising treatment, watching a live tutorial of a three section, low bun puff, and doing basic porosity testing. However, Scientist Kam, and founder of heritage, hair and science brand?Nylah, educated a small group, of other variables that determine porosity. These include the product on our hair when doing the test and the external environment that we expose our tresses.

Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event

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Should we expose bad hair salons?

We discussed everything natural hair ? how to minimise single strand knots, bad hair salon experiences and whether we should expose them. Post your thoughts below. We also discussed the importance of growing our natural tresses from the inside, out, by looking after our personal health. There was a lot of talk about the new hair salon in Birmingham called Spring. So, my question is ? should all hair salons learn to do afro hair? Charlie?s article has more on this topic. The general consensus was yes. One person commented that black hair salons were not professional enough for her curls.

I met Zita, founder of Zillionaire Haire who finds affordable stylists for students in Birmingham, at the Naturally Crowned workshop. She asked the panel of mainly Birmingham stylists whether there was a Birmingham-London hair divide and if there is a perception that London salons provide better hair care. I asked this question to the Treasure Tress group. The consensus ? women are loyal to their stylist. Therefore, if they study in Birmingham and they trust their London stylist, they will travel back to London. Similarly, Birmingham born Rene?, who after living in London for 7 years, only recently found a London stylist that she trusts with her tresses, and before this discovery, would travel back to her stylist in Birmingham.

Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event

Pictured with Roots Undone and The Modern Alchemist

Can Birmingham Go Natural? YES We Can!

During the discussion, people seemed a bit shy at times. However, during the break out the #blackgirlmagic came to life.?The goody bag had four, full-sized Gro Healthy products – shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and oil.

On the whole, this Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event was very educational, thanks to?The Creamy Crack Rehab and Marissa RootsUndone. It was very interactive, thanks to the entire team and audience. The cupcakes sponsor, local Birmingham business Kareema Kakes?(pictured) – taste as good as they look, so check them out. I’m so happy that Birmingham has networking events such as this. Women need safe spaces to discuss issues that affect us.

Go and follow Treasure Tress on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, to find out where the next stop will be. Even if you are not a student, you really should attend. Look out for more information on their website treasuretress.com.

So after reading about the Treasure Tress Birmingham natural hair event, should we expose bad hair salons? Comment below.

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?Updated January 2019.

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