UK Black Hair Events You Should Attend 2023

by Dominique
10th June 2023

👩🏾‍🦱 The world has officially been open for a while now, and I’m beginning to see the return of more big events in my network, therefore I’m sharing UK Black hair events you should attend. Some of the events in this list are business events where you can find and discover new Black-owned hair care brands or network with the founders. Or if you are a Black-owned hair brand, you might want to network to find business resources. Please note that Hair Popp does not organise these UK Black hair events. For more information on tickets or participating, please get in touch with the event organisers directly.

➡️ Here, you can find a list of hair events on our dedicated page. However, here is a short summary of the ones I have come across. Previous events include Khembe Return to Your Roots Festival 2023, Birmingham Black Business Show and braiding workshops in Birmingham and London.

👩🏾‍🦱 Birmingham-based Niyo Hair & Beauty are back again with another Beginner Braiding Workshops, Birmingham on 1 July 2023

👩🏾‍🦱 Another opportunity to attend the Niyo Hair & Beauty – Beginner Braiding Workshops on 8 July 2023

👩🏾‍🦱Niyo Hair & Beauty – Beginner Braiding Workshops, Birmingham 15 July

👩🏾‍🦱Niyo Hair & Beauty – Beginner Braiding Workshops, Birmingham 29 July

👩🏾‍🦱Ivy Wild Hair – Beginner Cornrow And Braiding Workshop for Adults London 26 August

👩🏾‍🦱Ivy Wild Hair – Advanced Cornrow And Braiding Workshop for Adults London

🎉 Back again – CURLYTREATS Festival 2023 UK Black History Month Events in London on 7 October 2023

👩🏾‍🦱Ivy Wild Hair – Teens Cornrow and Braiding Workshop in  Birmingham, 31 October 2023 at the Legacy Centre (formerly The Drum)



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