UK Tiwani Heritage Hair Extensions Joins Hair Popp [new vendor]

by Dominique
5th November 2020

Tiwani Heritage Hair Extensions are our first UK hair extensions brand. Find out more about Carol and Lola.

About us

Tiwani Heritage brings you ethically-sourced, sustainable, premium quality synthetic hair extensions which emulate a range of natural hair textures and styles. With each style paying homage to a beautiful bygone African queen, we make it easy to celebrate the rich, diverse beauty of women of colour and showcase our history- as nature intended. Our name embodies exactly what we stand for; drawing cultural identity from our ancestors. ‘Tiwani’ is based on the Yoruba phrase for ‘our heritage’. It is a spiritual claim stating what belongs to us.

Whether you’re experimenting, ‘big-chopping’, transitioning or somewhere in between, we are ready and willing to be your ever-present, passionate companions on your exciting journey of self-rediscovery.

Tiwani Heritage was born when two childhood friends recognised a gap in the UK hair extensions market for a black-owned, forward-thinking, customer-centric service that caters specifically to women of colour and focuses entirely on natural hair textures. We have pooled our own experiences to offer a service that is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges we face, and the desire to create versatile, beautiful styles without paying over the odds or dealing with excessively long shipping or order turnaround times. Read all about our journeys below.

As well as a passion for our heritage, we also recognise the importance of being environmentally responsible and are dedicated to raising awareness of the small part we can all play by encouraging our customers to recycle their used hair extensions. We firmly believe that our beauty doesn’t have to be at the expense of our planet.

Join our community and grow with us. We’re sure you’ll find something you love. Most importantly, keep in touch; we would love to hear from you.

Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister? - Alice Walker

Tiwani Heritage Hair Extensions

Lola’s story

Like many black women, my relationship with my hair has been one of love and (dare I say) hate over the years. My head of thick hair was always a challenge and an inconvenience; I was the third of three girls and my mum had her work cut out for her. Societal perceptions of ‘good’ hair were deeply ingrained, and I didn’t believe I was one of the lucky few who could actually wear their hair in the way that it naturally grew- and look good doing it.

I spy a gap in the market

After an ill-advised purchase of some beautiful curly (but not quite ‘me’) synthetic hair extensions, I found myself with a number of hair bundles that I couldn’t return but didn’t feel I could use (and successfully pull off!). Not wanting to waste them, I put them on eBay, and was amazed when they sold out within a couple of weeks… buying and selling hair online was actually a thing.

I found common ground in my experiences with one of my oldest friends (a beautiful naturalista) and we realised that between us we might be on to something. We spied an opportunity to make a difference, so we joined forces and the rest really is history.

Carol’s story

As far back as I can remember, I have adored everything about hair, especially our hair! I remember my first coming of age experience with my own hair as a young child. Mother would sit me down and literally work through my hair, but was never very good at styling it; she really didn’t know how to. The easiest thing for her to do was to relax it- and my, how I loved my relaxed hair! It was soft, it had movement and shine. It allowed me to shine in my own way, like the female idols of the time. It wasn’t until my late teens that I started experimenting more and more with various styles, and that’s when the penny finally dropped that my hair, our hair, was pretty unique in its own fabulous way.

For someone who easily changes their look, it was an easy transition to make the big chop. I noticed the options on the market for natural hair styles and products was so limited in the UK. I decided to learn about the anatomy of hair and started formulating my own natural hair care products for personal use. I decided to learn about the anatomy of hair and started formulating my own natural hair care products for personal use.

It was then that the realisation came that frustratingly, I was referring family and friends to shops that were not owned or managed by people who understood or could identify with them. In turn, these stores were unable to really advise on natural haircare products and styles.

Out of this frustration, Tiwani Heritage was born. A brand that completely understands who you are and what you need to thrive within yourself. Together, we are showing the world our diverse beauty. We’re proud of who we are- and we’re proud of our heritage!

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