Wear your crown

by mediabeast
20th July 2017

Before leaving the house, when I was figuring out what to wear I realised that I didn?t have a short sleeved t-shirt that would go with the skirt I had on. I contemplated changing the whole outfit rather than wearing a vest which showed the tattoos on my arms but I decided to be comfortable.?

I figured, if I go to the school and my image doesn?t fit, then it?s not the place for me. I approached them with good intentions to volunteer to work with the children and having tattoos does not stop my ability to volunteer my time or do a job. This is also applicable to paid employment when it comes to my hair. I have no reason to be in a vest in England but of course the Caribbean is a hot place.

When I went to visit the Principal, after discussing what we could both get from me volunteering, we had a general chat. The Principal asked if my tattoos hurt and she told me that she couldn?t go through the pain of having them. She then went on to say that the bible says we must not mark our skin?or cut our hair. I said the bible also says that women should cover their hair in the presence of men too.

I feel confident wearing my hair just the way I want to because it is an expression of self. The same goes with me showing my tattoos outside of my clothing because people will always judge. As an individual I will never be enough of anything for one person or even a group of people. There will always be something ?wrong? with me or something I could do better. However, my opinion is that what you see as my ?flaws? is actually a reflection of your own insecurities. That morning, I decided to wear my crown.?

Some would say I?m brave to wear my hair the way I do. I often get ?I couldn?t do it? but it looks nice on you. My hair doesn’t make me brave, my confidence does. In every area of my life I eliminate limiting behaviour and thoughts such as can?t. Sometimes this includes people. I?m not trying to please the masses, I?m living life to be happy and be respectful. If my existence upsets you then, I?m just not sorry.

Can we all just support each other. ?Whether it is your hair choice of your life choice. Let?s get better, not bitter. Wear your crown like the Kings and Queens that you are. As I said in a previous post I Am Not My Hair. Wear your crown and be unapologetically you.?


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