World Afro Day 2018 in Birmingham, UK

by mediabeast
1st January 1970

World Afro Day 2018

Yesterday, for the second year, World Afro Day celebrated Afro excellence in all areas of society. The celebration is encouraging normalisation and aspiration towards Afro hair, culture, and identity. The first World Afro Day was endorsed by?The?Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and successfully launched?15 September 2017.

This particular date was chosen because on 15 September?2016?a U.S. federal court?ruled that it was legal to discriminate against the wearing of dreadlocks in the workplace.

In the UK this week, it was announced that 12-year-old Chikayzea Flanders will now be allowed to attend Fulham Boys School without having to cut his hair. Last year, he was told that he couldn?t return to the school unless he cut his hair, as dreadlocks were against the school uniform policy. This, despite them being a part of his Rastafarian religion. http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/fulham-schoolboy-dreadlock-ban-overturned



Jamelia ? we need to support black hair brands?

In was touched I was by Jamelia?s newsletter written in Black Ballad. The letter was a summary, simply questioning,?Where Are The Dark-Skinned Women In Today’s Natural Hair Movement??

In Birmingham yesterday, Jamelia advocated that we need to support black businesses that cater to Afro hair. Media campaigns often exclude dark-skinned women in today?s natural hair movement. Jamelia has become a voice for a number of issues that many black women experience. She admits to using her platform to give black women, a voice that is often silenced.

The influencer, from Birmingham, discussed how big brands are able to entice hair enthusiasts, such as influencers with money to collaborate and grow their social reach. Meanwhile, smaller independent ethical brands, struggle to compete in the hair industry.

Hair Popp! as a platform, is about connecting hair enthusiasts with hair care brands. So, I asked Jamelia how influencers can work with small, UK based independent brands that produce and manufacture brands for Afro hair, by people with Afro hair. *l FNAME l are you a hair enthusiast who wants to collaborate with hair care brands?

BBC WM ? World Afro Day

Tonight between 8 pm ? 8:30 pm, I?ll be joining Simone Herbert who will be discussing the reasons why she wears her Afro on BBC WM. If you?re free, join in the conversation.


Literacy week ? I?m currently reading The Wealth Choice. https://amzn.to/2xmEITZ

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Maya Angelou.

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