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Tiwani Heritage

Tiwani Heritage brings you ethically-sourced, sustainable, premium quality synthetic hair extensions which emulate a range of natural hair textures and styles.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a black-owned company, named after a brook in the West Midlands, UK. The ethos of Bourn Beautiful Naturals is all about maintaining hair and skin's optimal moisture balance in formulas that are both effective and feel luxurious. We achieve that mainly through vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

Niyo Hair & Beauty

Slay. Play. Care. Quality Afro-Hair and Beauty near you

Kitchen Cosmetics

Kitchen Cosmetics mission is to create purposeful & ethical products with no compromise on ingredients, sustainability or outcome.

Aaron Wallace

A company who determined to build a brand that black men everywhere can be truly proud of. We are on a mission to champion and redefine the perception of black men worldwide. We want to inspire black men to be the best they can be, by looking and feeling good and exuding confidence from the inside out.


Eco-friendly sustainable products which are vegan and cruelty free

S J London

SJ London is inspired by nature, to create harmony in your scalp.

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