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We’re putting together our magazine which includes spaces for black-owned businesses so you can advertise with Hair Popp.

  • A ½ page spread ad is up to 50 words

  • A full-page spread ad up to 100 words

Our magazine is printed and taken on the Birmingham-London-Manchester Hair Popp Tour and made digitally available.

Per edition, 2,000 copies will be printed and sent in all Hair Popp orders. Copies will be distributed to Black food shops, hair salons, barbers, and Black-owned retailers across the UK. In addition, the magazines will be available to download from our website.

If you’re interested you can confirm your ad space by clicking one of the links above.

Ad copy deadlines 5pm on the follow dates:

  • Summer – 28th May 2021
  • Black History Month – 20th Aug 2021
  • Christmas / Kwanzaa – 29th Oct 2021
  • Valentines Special – 10th Dec 2021

You can download our Winter promotion edition here which has had really good feedback from all of our customers who have received it.

Please share with businesses who you think should advertise with Hair Popp in our magazine.


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