BB Naturals Avocado Smoothie Conditioner (250ml)

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Our clients LOVE the BB Naturals range and the Avocado Smoothie Conditioner doesn’t disappoint. It smells exquisite and deeply moisturises the hair.

BB Naturals Avocado Smoothie Conditioner is just what the hair doctor ordered. It’s a silicone-free green smoothie for your hair. Therefore, it does wonders for your curly natural hair. The Avocado Smoothie Conditioner will envelop your strands to effortlessly detangle and leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and strong.

Avocado Smoothie Conditioner is a mix of ingredients that will make your hair thank you. It contains slippery elm extract and fatty alcohols for slip. As well as antioxidants, and hemp seed oil for barrier protection and anti-itch properties.

The loyal customers of Bourn Beautiful Naturals say that Avocado Smoothie Conditioner is perfect for the hair. They also complement the wonderful smell and moisture of the hair and successfully experience that hair was soft after the shampoo and softer after conditioning.

(Formerly Bourn Beautiful Naturals)

Apply the product on your hair after being washed using shampoo (we recommend the moisture silk sulfate-free shampoo) and let the conditioner set. At the same time fill your senses with the beautiful smell of avocado and coconut. Rinse out the conditioner and enjoy the incredibly soft curls. Then, follow up with the Leave Me Be Leave-In Conditioner.


De-ionised water, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, hempseed oil, glyceryl oleate, avocado oil, glycerine, cetrimonium chloride, rice bran oil, caprylic capric glycerides, polyquaternium-7, fragrance, phenoxyethanol and ethyhexylglycerin, slippery elm extract, stearic acid, panthenol (vitamin B5), spirulina powder (vitamins & natural colourant), citric acid.

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BB Naturals Avocado Smoothie Conditioner (250ml)

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Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Bourn Beautiful Naturals, a black-owned company, named after a brook in the West Midlands, UK. The ethos of Bourn Beautiful Naturals is all about maintaining hair and skin’s optimal moisture balance in formulas that are both effective and feel luxurious. We achieve that mainly through vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

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